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My 4 year old son is attending the kindergarten at French School in Caracas, Venezuela. There are 27 children in his classroom, and 1 teacher with 1 auxiliar. All parents beleive at this point that this is not a good ratio, since the children have been totally unsupervised and many problems have risen since we beleive there are too many children and not enough adults.


Does anyone have an idea of how we can approach the school? The director says that a 2:27 ratio is fine, but during recess there are 150 children of the preschool who play together in one same space and only 4 teachers. Is this legal? We (the parents) have offered to volunteer during recess (where most of the kids get bullied, hurt or receive agressions from other kids) but the school wont allow us to do it.


Please help with any way how we can approach this