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Blogging my pregnancy...at Mother Earth News!!

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I am the newest blogger at Mother Earth News for the Midwifery column (YAY!!). I will be documenting my pregnancy, midwifery care, prepapring for a homebirth...and other blog posts about natural pregnancy care.


My very first blog post when live today!

I wanted to start with the birth stories of my first two. My son Baylin was born via csection and it has taken me 6 years to finally write his story.




and here is my bio :)



I wanted to share this with you ladies. I am just so over the moon excited! I presented last year at the Mother Earth News fair and have been asked back again this year to teach how to prepare for a homebirth and also a class on nutrition during pregnancy.

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Very cool!! Congratulations!

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Yay!  That is super cool!  :)  Congrats!

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What a great blog post! You had me weeping- your story is so very close to my own. And fantastic to know that Mother Earth News is opening up to this kind of story too. Our subscription lapsed because of a lack of diversity in their content, this makes me want to subscribe again!!


Thanks for sharing.

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That's fabulous.  Your blog posts will be such an amazing archive for both you and your kids!  Yay writer Mama!



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very fabulous story!!! thanks for sharing. 

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Wow, super cool!  Congrats on the opportunity!


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Congratulations - that sounds like an amazing experience!


Your birth story is great - very well written & moving.  I bet your son will really appreciate it.


I love how you used the experience of your first birth to learn more about giving women (including yourself) a voice during their deliveries.  I was induced for my first birth (not by choice - had PROM & was told I needed to be to stay within 24hr window to keep away infections).  Sometimes when I read on here about others' birth stories, I feel cheated by my own experience.  But, it is just something we experience, deal with, & (hopefully) learn from.  I'm glad you were able to turn yours into something positive in your life!

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