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Originally Posted by HipHipYay View Post

I appreciate everyone's input, thank you.  I know I chose the wrong wording when I said "opt out" that wasn't the way I meant it.

I would've appreciated a head's up on the pneumonia (that spread like wild fire through their baby-sitter's house too, so yes very contagious) I believe that is common courtesy. 

When my DS is sick, I make him stay in bed just like I did/do when I'm very sick.  He is also very mindful of covering his cough/sneeze and washing his hands.  That isn't really important at their Mom's house or at the baby-sitter's house.  That's how I deal with it when my DS is sick.  We do have motrin/tylenol/dylsum, we don't have their antibiotics though. 

When my DS was seeing his biological father still I would warn him when he was sick and offer to keep him home. 

She is not the type of person who would deny parenting time, she jumps at any opportunity to have a child free weekend.  That is why our every other weekend schedule has now turned into almost every weekend. 

Aren't you happy that your husband and his children get to see each other more often?  I can't imagine only seeing my kids twice a month. 

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Originally Posted by BeenThere2 View Post

First of all, what kind of mother would you be if you didn't think of the welfare of your children and others in your household? I know exactly how you feel. My situation is very similar to yours, but I usually have my husbands support. To me it doesn't make sense to send a sick, contagious child into a home/school/daycare with healthy children. No, parenting isn't a pick-and-choose job, but I can't help but think it's only common courtesy, or common sense, to at least give a fair warning when knowingly sending a contagious child into an environment where other little ones are at risk of getting sick. As long as you're willing to show your step-children's mother the same courtesy, such as letting her know in advance if one of your children is sick, you aren't asking too much!

I;m sorry, but this train of thought is ridiculous.  The step daughters are her children too.   They should be able to see their dad, even when they're sick.  The crazy thing about this is, what if op's son got sick at school?  would she not allowhim back into the "home"?  Of course not! 

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