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My 37 min natural hospital labor and birth

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This was my fourth and I have never had a fast birth. On Tuesday my folks were here for the night, just visiting. DH and I went to bed at 11pm. At 11:19pm my water broke. I only know the exact time because I immediately texted mom, who was sleeping down stairs. With my second, my water broke and it took twelve hours before contractions started. I told DH, let's throw our bag in the car, go to bed, and we will wait for things to get going. We live ten min from the hospital. Within about two min I told DH, we need to go. We let the house at 11:27pm. I texted SIL and MIL at 11:32pm told them last text as things we re getting rough and we would update in a few hours. Within a couple contractions I felt vomit coming. Never puked. Got to ER, hit the ground outside the doors...contractions were on top of each other and mind numbing painful. I knew from the past that I had hit transition fast. The ER kept trying to triage us and I was squatting in a wheelchair. A nurse walked by and told them to get me up to L&D. They got me up, I stripped, climbed on bed in squatting position due to pain...could get my hypno going because it happened so fast. The nurse tped my name into computer at 11:46pm. They said they would check me then call the Dr. A nurse was about 8 ft away.....she looked over and said "um, Dr won't make it, no need to check, baby is crowning". I said I needed to push...the nurse said " you can start....give a little push"... But didn't come over...she apparently didn't know I am a super pusher, lol. My body contracted once and right there on the bed, born to just me and DH, was 7lb11oz baby. He immediately cried, the nursed very calmly walked over, blanketed him and handed him to me. It was so crazy calm, lol. He is little as my others were near nine pounds. My awesome dr came n laughing..and that was it. They gave us no fight checking out 14 hours later and just asked that we come back in for the PKU the next day. W are home, nursing well, shell shocked and thrilled.

We were team green for the first time, and have three girls. Our little boy made an entrance to remember. I texted my mom at 11:56pm, when he came and said It's a Boy. She replied with, shut up, are you checked in and how far dilated? wink1.gif

We live in a 95% circ state, and when we declined circ the nurse said....that is great, it always seems to mess with breast feeding and he is doing so well at that.

It was really a cool birth and we just could not be happier.
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WOW! That's nuts. Congratulations!!!

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Amazing! Congrats on your first boy!

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WOW! Congratulations! My labor was between 1.5 and 2 hours and that was almost SCARY fast...I can't even imagine! Fast labors are great, but they can be kind of scary going that fast!

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congrats! great story!

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what a story!  congratulations!
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wow! How intense but awesome that everyone was so great. Love hearing such positive stories!

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Holy smokes! Craziness! I am so glad that you and baby boy are doing well and that you had a great but short experience at the hospital.

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Wow!  Craziness!  Congratulations and glad you are now have some time to "process" it all.

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Amazing! Congratulations and so happy that things went really smoothly despite the speediness! :)

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Perfectly choreographed.  Wowsers!

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WOW--great story!  Sounds almost surreal how calm the hospital was--good for them, but hope it didn't add much stress for you since you probably were freaking out about how fast everything was going!  Hope the whirlwind delivery calms into a peaceful newborn period.  Congratulations!!

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I love your story! My dh just asked me the other day if anyone gave birth in the hospital without a dr or nurse to "catch." Now I can tell him about you! Congratulations on your LO :)

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wow!  congratulations!  what an awesomely quick birth!

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can't even imagine, wow. Congrats on your very speedy birth and I find the nurse so funny.

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Great story! Congratulations on your little boy!

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