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Cramping and CM??

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Basically since I found out I was pregnant - I've been having mild cramping (feels like cramping right before I get AF).  Clearly I haven't gotten AF - and the three tests I took were all very clearly positive.  But I'm wondering what's up with this cramping.

With my first pregnancy, I never experienced it.

Also with CM - it feels like it does right around ovulation... like, moist and sometimes there is clearly mucus when I wipe.  Not yellow or anything, but again, nothing I experienced with my last pregnancy.

Oh, and back pain. Oh, and I have pain on the right side... feels like it's where my ovary is at... it feels like ovulation pain...


It seriously feels like AF will come any day now... but I clearly know that I'm pregnant. 
Are these things normal?  Did I just get lucky last time with not experiencing any of it??

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I had this for weeks during my DD's pregnancy. I would definitely say it is very within normal limits ; )
I haven't experinced that during this pregnancy though. Good Luck ; )

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I am also having similar symptoms.  I didn't have them with my first pregnancy but definitely had the exact same feelings with my second until about 10 weeks or so and had a very healthy baby.  I wouldn't worry at all!  There is a lot of cramping and pulling as your uterus and ligaments begin growing and stretchingjoy.gif

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I have had similar symptoms with my last pregnancy as well as with this one, feel like AF will start any day.  With my first I believe it lasted through the first trimester and into the second... I am thinking it stopped around 16 weeks?  I am hopping it doesn't last that long this time around :)

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I remember having that same thing, the crampy AF type achiness, with several of my pregnancies.  So, I think it's normal.  Though, it can be kind of worrisome even if it's normal, I too have it right now myself so I know what you're talking about!  I've also gotten some weird sharp twinges and such when I move, and all of that was just adding to me thinking I might be pregnant over the last couple of days LOL.

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