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toy play height- table or floor?

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right now most of my ds's toys are on the floor. when he was smaller it just made sense. NOw he is 25 months and I am thinking I need to get a low table to put them on- but then maybe he would end up playing standing instead of sitting. but right now he has to squat or sit and bend down to play. Do you have your 2 yr old or close's kids toys on the floor or do you have a table? If so how high is it At my parents house they have a coffee table that made for a nice play place. ust not sure what the norm is for people about this.

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My dd, 27 mos, mostly plays standing now. We have a coffee table and a small child's table in the living room that she puts her toys on, things like Little People and Playmobil 123 sets. She likes to sit on the benches and play at the child's table, too. She only plays on the floor if she's using a toy that needs the space, like using a long train or making a race track with cars. My ds was the same way at this age, but he used the floor more often for cars and train tracks.

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They all play standing at that age.  An old coffee table is the perfect size.  Pinterest has some cute ideas for repurposing a coffee table into a play table.

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My mom found a train table at a yard sale when my son was about 1.5 yrs. He LOVES it and plays on it every day. He is three now. I like that it keeps our floor from becoming (such) a cluttered mess! Sometimes we have his train track set up and other times, we clear it off for Legos, but usually he just plays with his millions of cars and trucks on this table. It gives him a smooth rolling surface for these vehicles that he wouldn't be able to achieve on the carpet.


I'm not sure how tall it is, maybe about 1.5 -2 ft.? Sometimes, if he's playing in one place for a period of time, he'll sit on a little chair in front of the table.

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We started using a train table for some toys around age 1 - it keeps the toys in a localized area, and gave him an easy place to pull up and walk around. Toys are back on the floor now that I have a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old; that way they can play together.

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We don't have the space in his room or our main living area to add a train table/coffee table, and his train tracks are SO huge and involved I can't imagine him confining them to a table size!  My son just turned 3 and he doesn't seem to mind at all whether trains/legos/blocks are at floor height (our house, his school) or standing height (a few stores he plays at, 1 friend's house).  


If you have the space for it, it can't hurt to give you more options.  But I don't think it's necessary.  We have a small IKEA table for arts and crafts and such that are his height.  

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I wanted to add a third option in the mix: shelves.  My girls have always like playing on the open or mostly open shelves, almost like they were a dollhouse.  6 years later, they still play on the shelves.


Every toddler is different.  My youngest likes to play on the floor.  My oldest would play on any new surface.  Providing a table or shelves might mix things up a bit for a toddler.

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