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What Is Perineoplasty? The Perineum is a small area composed of skin and muscle tissue between the vagina and the anus. The perineum can often become highly stretched or extensively torn or damaged as a result of childbirth. Even after healing, many women in North Carolina (NC) feel a permanent loosening of their vaginal opening after childbirth, which causes a lot of problems like anal incontinence, vaginal looseness, painful intercourse and unsatisfactory sex. A Perineoplasty in North Carolina (NC) is a surgical procedure used for repairing a damaged or loosened perineum. While a Perineoplasty is also a vaginal surgery, it is different from a vaginoplasty or vaginal plastic surgery which is used for tightening the muscles of the vagina.


Probably going to get this done in may or june since i will have an exam in MAYjoy.gif