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Yell it out?

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My LO is almost two months old and she has developed a quirk I never saw in my first. I discovered this while making a sandwich one day. She was in the swing having a good time while I hurried to throw together something to eat before she was ready to be nursed down for a nap. She started yelling, not crying really, just an outburst every few seconds. Not desperate, just annoyed sounding. Because it wasn't a true cry I finished my sandwich and by the time I got back (it was lunch meat so only a couple minutes), she was asleep. After that I wanted to see if it was an anomaly, so I let her yell another time and sure enough she was yelling herself to sleep. There have been two times that I have been unable to respond to her cry because we were in the car alone at night on a highway in the country. There was nowhere to stop, so she had to cry and this girl DID NOT fall asleep. This is not her cry and I don't feel like she's crying it out. Have you seen anything like this?

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Hmm.. ds would do this sort of droning loud hum when I was bouncing him to sleep in his bouncy chair.  I wouldn't call it yelling exactly, but it wasn't quiet either. 

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Mine yells.  It is a different noise than when she's crying, or startled, it's a annoyed sound.  It usually transitions into crying, though, if I don't go discuss her upset with her.  Heh.


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As long as she doesn't sound distressed I think its perfectly fine. Maybe she's annoyed about being tired?

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It's interesting that other babies do this too. I have never seen it before! It has transitioned into crying. I have given her some time to see if she's getting tired and it has gone from annoyed to truly upset. 

To be honest, I think it's kind of cute hide.gif

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Originally Posted by GoddessKristie View Post
To be honest, I think it's kind of cute hide.gif


haha! glad I'm not the only one :) my 5month old ds has started yelling more often in the last month. he yells when he's awake and trying to reach something or get himself somewhere and he yells as he's falling asleep (not every single time). he's done it while falling asleep in my arms, next to me in the bed, being worn in a wrap and in the carseat while we're driving. it IS kind of cute because he's not upset or anything....i think of it like he's expending all his extra energy before he goes to sleep. sometims it's accompanied by rythmic (almost spastic) patting (of my boob as he's nusing to sleep). now THAT is cute.

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This sounds just like my 4 month old. She loves babbling and talking, and also yelling. She seems to yell when she's trying to stay up, but is exhausted. Sometimes she yells to play with Daddy. Often she yells when frustrated. I think she just likes making all sorts of noises and is delighted with herself for it.
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my daughter sort of growls herself to sleep almost every naptime and her initial bedtime. it occasionally is cute, but normally is annoying. can't have a conversation or hear a movie. my mom was all, "that wouldn't last long!", meaning if it was her baby. like she'd have a choice!? my three other babies never did anything like this! she's been doing this since maybe 3 months? she's 7 months now. wonder if she'll be growling herself to sleep as an adult? lol it's loud!!

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LOL! purplerose, I would LOVE to see video of that! I have never heard of a baby growling its self to sleep. I can see how it would be annoying if it happened every time and was loud, but it sounds really funny! I could see a video of that going viral. 

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