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sudden and significant supply drop

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HELP! Over the past month-ish I've noticed that at work I'm pumping 8oz consistently instead of 10 over three pumpings. I had a week off with DD and nursed a lot, and I felt like it was helping. Well in the past week I'm suddenly having trouble getting letdowns at times when I usually nurse. I started an extra pumping session in the evening before bed, and DD sleeps with us for a good portion of the night, so I nurse a couple times in the night.

Last night DD had a throwing-up incident (apparently she can't eat egg yolks). This morning she woke up with a dry diaper. I can't say for certain that she got a let-down in the night, but I know we sleep-nursed. I don't know if the dry diaper is because she needed all the milk she got in the night to replace fluids from throwing up, or if she didn't get any milk in the night. I tried nursing her for the past hour and a half on and off and could not get a letdown. I'm in a panic, and I know that can't be helping my supply either. I started fenugreek this morning, but does that help with letdowns?

I have no idea what could be causing this!!! It's so sudden, that I would suspect pregnancy except that I had a period last weekend, and the flow was strong enough that I can't imagine it being any kind of pregnancy bleeding. I've had my period since 2months PP and DD is 9mo now, and I've had slight supply drops before my period before, but nothing like this. The only thing I can think is that I may have had a chemical pregnancy. Could that do this? Can my milk recover if so? ack! mecry.gif
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How is your LO's solids intake?

I don't think this is comforting, but I think it's normal to see a decline in your milk production as time goes on, especially if you're a pumping/working mom. It could also be a number of different things: your daughter's a pro nurser now, so she may just be totally draining you when she nurses, leaving less for the pump. You can try to change some of the settings on your pump (i.e., suction strength and cycle speed) to see if your body has just gotten into a rut and a little change might help that let-down come faster. Plus, don't forget all the tricks they tell you about: looking at pictures of your DD, smelling her blanket, maybe record her crying, etc.

Even if your supply is diminishing a bit, you can still have a long and productive nursing relationship!!
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Thank you, Mosaic! I talked with my lactation consultant today and she said the same thing: a slow drop around now is normal due to solid foods intake. She thought that my letdown troubles may be because I'm trying to nurse too close to the last nursing (because I'm trying to nurse frequently to give my boobs stimulation and boost my supply). She didn't seem too concerned that I would stop making milk. I feel a bit better, and I guess hopefully time will help me feel better too. I was able to pump and nurse today, so the milk isn't gone like i was freaking out this morning. Probably I nursed her right before waking up without even waking up enough to realize it. Thank you again for responding, you rock! blowkiss.gif
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