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1-Year-Old Nursing Every Hour @ Night - Developmental?

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DS just turned one this month, and all of a sudden he is nursing every single hour at night. loveeyes.gif 


He has done this before when teething (and generally flopped like a fish all night), but that doesn't seem to be the issue.  He is already walking (and running!) everywhere - that really started to take off in the last couple months.  Currently, he is still babbling up a STORM (has always been a talker - very animated hand gestures, expressions and intonations!) and has been making lots of new sounds/combinations.  


Speech seems to be snowballing - he's sprinkling more and more words into his babble - for months he has stuck mostly with "mama, dada, momo (cat)" (and words I'm not sure he really knows what they mean, like "wiggle" and "giggle" - but cute nonetheless! love.gif) .  The past week or two he's added "ball, rock, book, bye-bye, go, no" to name a few, and started combining "no" with other words while shaking his head, or waving and saying "bye-bye" at the same time, etc.


I guess I am just wondering if this new burst of speech could be the culprit - what do you think the cause might be?  I suppose it doesn't really matter, because we co-sleep, and I will keep plugging away with the hourly nighttime feedings regardless, but it does help to satisfy my curiosity (and give those sleepless hours an added sense of purpose! caffix.gif)!


Did any of your LOs go through this?  How long did it last?  Support and ideas welcome!  smile.gif Thanks!!! 

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Absolutely our son went through stages when he was waking more frequently, but eventually he would go back to less wakings.  He was talking very early (14 months had tons of words) and I always felt that this caused some sleep issues as his brain was so fired up and he had trouble turning it off.  He still does and probably always will to some extent.  So, I would definitely think that it could be developmental for your son. 


It sounds like you are enjoying all the new sounds and words....it's sure a fun time!  I bet you'll see his sleep habits shift again within a month, or maybe even a week or two.  Then he'll go through another stage, and another one, and another one.....and some of them will even result in better sleep!  That's what I've found, and I'm speaking from our own experience. 


Hope this is helpful, and in the meantime good for you for committing to be there for him and nurse him when he needs it.  It will be worth it in the long run!

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Thanks lovetoski!  It helps to know others had similar experiences.  When he was smaller and just started babbling/combining sounds, he would often treat us to bedtime "soliloquies" as we were all laying there in the dark.  smile.gif  I figured he was processing his day.  Last night he was babbling tons at bedtime, and then again each time he woke up in the middle of the night (though he was still half asleep).  Maybe his lil gears are just going!

It is so much fun, isn't it??? joy.gif That's awesome your son was talking early - I just wish I could understand more of the jabbering, it's so expressive!

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I think at that age they have so much to process and they can't help but let the processing spill over into the night time hours.  It truly is awesome to take in all the amazing sounds they make.  Enjoy!

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