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Critique my Cloth Stash

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So, I'm 100% new to cloth diapering. (I only used 'sposies with my 1st.) The new baby is due at the end of June, so I still have some time to tweak all of this. Let me know what you think of my stash so far. Thank you so much!



1 - GroVia Organic Newborn AIO

2 - Kissa's Newborn All in One Diaper

1 - Kissaluvs Newborn AIO

2 - Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex All-In-One



1 - Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Diaper - Sized Small

4 - Thirsties Duo All-In-One - Size 1

1 - Zoopie Kids Classic - Small

1 - FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper - Medium


One Size:

1 - Bamboo Baby All in One Diaper

2 - Blueberry One-Size Bamboo Fitted

2 - bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Cloth Diaper

1 - bumGenius Freetime All-in-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

5 - FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

2 - GroVia All in One Cloth Diaper

2 - Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter One-Size Pocket

1 - Kawaii Baby One-Size Snap Closure Pocket

1 - Kawaii Baby Snazzy Minky One-Size Pocket

1 - KaWaii Bamboo Minky: Mom Label

1 - Kawaii Snazzy Minky Signature Collection

1 - Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper

1 - Kushies Organic Ultra Lite All in One Diaper

2 - Rumparooz G2 One-Size Pocket

1 - Rumparooz One Size Diaper

2 - Swaddlebees One Size Simplex All-In-One



30 - Cloth Wipes

1 - Diaper Dekor Plus

2 - Planet Wise Pail Liner

1 - Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag

GroVia BioSoaker 50 count

Imse Vimse Baby Flushable Liners - Pack of 200

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looks like you are going to be all set! 

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I've found that the one size diapers don't fit well until around 11-12 pounds.  So, if I were you, I'd probably want a few more newborn sized items on hand.  If you want something you will have other uses for then maybe get some flats or prefolds.  In the newborn stage, you will probably be going through about 12 diapers a day, not counting if the baby poops the second you get a fresh cloth diaper on. 

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Yes, more newborn or smalls...itty bitty will be swimming in a one-size. You could get 2 dozen pfs and 4-6 small covers for around $100. 


Everything else looks great.

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Yeah, I was thinking maybe I might need some more for newborn size. I figure the smalls and size 1's count for an itty bitty. So, that makes 12. But, I was hoping a few of the one size would tighten down to fit a newborn. I checked out the one size fuzzibunz on my DD's preemie sized doll (I literally find this doll clothes preemie sized clothes on sale in the baby section) and it looked like they would NEARLY fit it. I was kind of hoping that on an actual live newborn they would work, which would bring me to 17 that would work with a newborn, and maybe more if any of the other one size tightened down that far. But, looking around at other threads and taking your guys' advice it seems like I might need to still wait a few weeks on actually using any of the one size.

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You can try them, there is just a way better chance of blowouts.  

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The Rumparooz fit most NBs.  But I agree that unless you want to be doing laundry daily, you need something more. 


I'll also say that 30 wipes is liable to not be enough.  I started with 50, have added another 2 dozen over time, and now as I'm getting ready for another kid, am discovering I have lost almost half of them to some other dimension. 

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Okay, well I just heard back from one of the sites that I ordered from, and they didn't have 2 of the one size diapers in the pattern I wanted (the blueberry ones) so instead of changing the pattern I just switched those to two more newborn sized (another grovia and another swaddlebees). I realize I may still need more, but for now that makes 13 diapers in newborn/small/size one. And I'm still holding out hope that maaaayyybe some of the one size might fit a teenie tiny.


More wipes? Okay. I'll see if I can get DH to go through his old work shirts, and I'll cut them up for use as wipes. I'll keep an eye out for washcloths in the clearance aisles as well.

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How big was your DD when she was born? DS fit into his onesize Fuzzibunz and BumGenius right away, but he was a chunky 10lb-er.


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I'd get at least a dozen nb prefolds - even if you hate them they will work as backup for laundry day, also awesome for various purposes (change pad, pocket stuffer/doubler, burp cloth, breast pad, etc).  And yeah if yo uplan to wipe at each change, min 50 wipes.  I use way fewer but I rarely use them at chnges - mostly just run her bum under the tap.

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Just went and double checked DD's birth certificate. She was 7 lbs 3 oz. My midwife says 2nd babies are usually bigger though, so maybe?? Ehh. I might just have to breakdown and get more newborn diapers. I'll keep the prefolds in mind.


I'll definitely increase my wipes to at least 50.

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My first was 7lb 10oz and my second was 8lbs 8oz, but she was .5 inches shorter and seemed tinier.  

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DD was 8 lbs 2 oz when she was born, but was probably nearly a pound lighter when she came home from the hospital and started with cloth.  Honestly, I didn't have any newborn sized diapers.  I had Econobums prefolds, some flats, and a couple of size small covers from other companies that were hand-me-downs from friends.  They were probably big on her from what other people deem 'too big', but we didn't have any problem.  She grew fairly quickly after that, so any investment in newborn diapers probably would have been a waste of money.


I'm probably the only person, but I don't seem to use a ton of wipes like others?  I know from seeing other people's stashes listed that most people have a ton, but honestly, we don't need a ton.  Just a few more than you have diapers in a wash, really.

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If you find you do need some more wipes you can cut up an old t-shirt pretty quickly for instant no-sew wipes.

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I second the dozen nb prefolds, my son was 7lbs 4oz and anything but newborn stuff was enormous on him. Even small fuzzibunz are JUST starting to fit and they are super bulky at 11lbs

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