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what if your baby gets sick?..terrified mommy here...and homeopathic nosodes?

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Hi there, I have a 3 year old little boy. My research begun when he was an infant. I've researched vaccines, the diseases, and read personal stories of catastrophe on both ends. My 3 year old was vaccinated on our schedule - one vac at a time and at least a month between vacs. He had one measles shot and no more. We wanted to take that one back. When he did get vaxed we gace him ascorbic acid for a few days prior as well as these little pills we got from homeopathic pharmacy, ones meant to ready their immune system for the shot. Anyway, I have a 4 month old little boy now that has not been vaxed. I am terrified of vaccines. And I am terrified of the lack thereof. I don't know what to do. I'm gonna worry myself to an early grave. I just want to hide in a plastic bubble with him until he's bigger. There is a pertussis outbreak in my area right now. Well its not here yet. But in may my hubby wants to go camping with his family to an rv resort, in the area where there have been reported pertussis cases. I'm scared to do that too. I guess I've made the decision for now. I have no plans to vax him. Debating getting dtap because of pertussis but I don't think that will happen. How dangerous, is pertussis for him now anyway? He's a buddha baby. He was 3 wks early but 7 lbs. He's strong. What can I do, to strengthen his immune system? To make him as healthy as possible. And what about those homeopathic nosodes? I'm talking to pharmacist later today about them, but does anyone have any experiences or knowledge on those? Thanks...for any input. Even if you just wanna tell me I'm crazy lol
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The correct high dosing of sodium ascorbate works very well for treating pertussis. So I suggest you get that now so you'll have it available if necessary. You can get it online, or possibly at a local health food store.


In the pertussis outbreak in California a few years ago, all 10 babies who died were under 3 months old. They were also diagnosed very late, despite repeated doctor and hospital visits. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/07/local/la-me-whooping-cough-20100907 I also very much doubt they were treated with sodium ascorbate, since that is not a conventional medical treatment for pertussis.


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Hey thanks! I will talk to pharmacist about that today. She should know dosage hey? Homeopathic pharmacist - she is a wise, wise woman, from russia or something like that. That gives a little relief knowing he is probably strong enough to fight it if it does happen. I'm just not comfortable with any decisions regarding this right now. I'm stuck in limbo and its extremely dissatisfying. Just want to make the right decision.
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I don't know if a homeopathic pharmacist would know the dosage for sodium ascorbate, because sodium ascorbate isn't a homeopathic treatment.


You can probably find it online somewhere. Last time I posted it, it was removed for "giving medical advice." But I originally got it from an older post, which may still be on this site.

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Has very good info about SA/pertussis and dosing info. Read the whole thing. 

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Wow that is some good information. It makes pertussis seem a little less daunting. After talking to suzanne I am a little more comfortable with not vaccinating right now anyway. She said to me in her opinion the biggest problem with vaccinating is the manner in which its done - that being injected into the body.I am going to use the homeopathic nosodes, and find some of that ascorbate to have on hand just in case. I'm thinking I will use those nosodes while he's young, then rethink vaccination when he gets.a little older. Maybe. I think I would probably skip them though unless they make some serious changes. They're just too much of a risk to my little darling. Thanks so much
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Something you should remember is most ( no joke) of the children u hear about on the news who had an out break were vaccinated. I did the research (since they never tell u on the news) & in wa state 62% of the children had been vaccinated. Just remember the heart of ur immune system is ur digestive system keep ur kids eating right & give ur beautiful baby probiotics everyday. I'm gonna check out that link too I'm excited glad u had this question. I just moved to Texas last week & there a few cases reported in this town & my son is not vaccinated & only 6 mo old.
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That is interesting information. If I were to speculate, I would guess the reason most that were vaccinated got it because more people are vaccinated than not....makes you wonder if the vac worked any or if it did absolutely nothing but make the goverment some money...I will have to go find some probiotics. Good thing for everybody to be taking.
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FYI, a friend of mine, her husband and her baby were all vaccinated for pertussis and her baby still got it at 4 months. It took her over 2 months to get through it, but she didn't need to be hospitalized and she's fine now. It sounds like there's really nothing you can do to truly protect anyone from pertussis (or most diseases). I consider most vaccines to be propaganda. Diseases are a fact of life. Try holistic meds and don't stress about something you can't control. Western medicine can be important in an emergency situation, but counting on it to make you immune to life is pointless.

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