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Bradley Classes

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We had our first Bradley Class this week and I wanted to see if there was anyone else taking them who wanted to talk!


I'm not completely thrilled with our choice yet.  There were about 5 different classes in town and they were all starting around the same time.  Evidently this isn't the norm, so our class only has us and one other couple... and they have already taken the class. It just feels a little awkward. I guess I should just count myself lucky because we basically get a private class for the cost of the group class.  Our instructor is interesting. She is a chiropractor and the classes are at her practice.  I like her, but it is obvious that some of her chiropractic views contradict with what she is supposed to teach. 


For our first class we watched some old birth videos, talked about pain management and nutrition, and went over the exercises. 


I keep putting off doing the food journal.  It just annoys me.  Really, right now I'm just trying to find *enough* food. Lately nothing sounds good and it makes it really hard to eat more spinach and kale. Does everyone else have to do them?


I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed and cynical this week (about much more than the classes we are taking).  Hopefully next week I will be able to focus and be more open to the class and what it is trying to teach us. 

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We started our Bradley classes two weeks ago, and so far I really like them.  We have about 10 couples in ours (maybe it's less, but it seems like a lot) and after the initial awkwardness (the first class was pretty awkward) everyone seems to be opening up.  I think there's safety in numbers for this kind of thing, to be honest, so it's too bad yours is such a small class.  I haven't been doing the food journals either (DH and I joked that we were already failing our birthing class), but I'm planning to start this week.  I wouldn't stress about it, honestly.  (By the way, spinach, kale, and frozen fruit smoothies are pretty good and easy to get down, though you've probably already tried it).


At any rate, our instructor is really pretty moderate about most things and I've found the exercises to be helpful (or at least, I'm hoping that doing them will be helpful).  Our instructor also has an extensive library of books and videos to borrow, which is really nice.


I would wait until the second class to see how things go.  In our case, at least, things really opened up after that first initial encounter.  But let's keep this thread going to compare notes.  It will be helpful to see how different instructors approach the material.

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We took our Bradley classes early and have already finished the series (I have some commitments in June/early July and didn't want to miss any of the classes). I think our instructor spent a lot of time "off-book" and just used the Bradley curriculum as a general guide, though - she never mentioned a food journal for instance. She did bring in a nutritionist for one class. And a shiatsu massage therapist for another.


We had about 5 couples in our class - right in between y'all's experiences. Unfortunately a lot of the couples were really shy - I wanted to make some friends, but that didn't really happen. We did learn a TON about pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Our instructor was a doula so she was very knowledgeable about the process and about local hospitals, particular midwives, etc. However, I'm not sure I got a lot of practical information about exactly how to survive a contraction, so I am also listening to some hypnobabies tracks I found online to practice.


The best thing about the class was how it drew my husband into the process and really convinced him that I was making the right choice in seeking an unmedicated, low- to no-intervention birth. His boss's wife is an OB who had 3 scheduled c-sections, so his opinion before the class was: "If the doctors choose to have c-sections themselves, it must be the best option." Now he's totally supportive.


I hope you end up loving your classes, ladies!

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Thanks for the responses!  


LilyTiger- I just bought a blender and supplies for smoothies.  We are going to continue going to the classes, I'm just feeling dramatic about it all. The exercises were a big part of what I like about the method, I just need to get motivated and do them. 


CCoello- I was afraid we were too early!  I was really hoping to make friends, too.  Luckily we are doing centering classes at our birth center and there are quite a few couples there and we all got along really well, so hopefully I will make some connections there. I had already met one of the women at a yoga class, we have the same due date, and we both work at the university. 


I finally caught up on my food diary and was really surprised that I was low on protein.  All of my focus on including enough leafy greens has made me forget about eating meat!  Evidently I need some chicken in my salads. While doing my diary I decided I was also annoyed that the Bradley website has the protein count for things like doritos and specific cereals when I could get that info from the box/bag.  They should have more unprocessed foods!  


Goals before the next class: 

1. More protein

2. More orange/yellow veggies

3. More squats!

4. Stop letting EVERYTHING annoy me.




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Good luck w/your class, ladies!  I'm curious to hear how it goes and will be following this thread.  The class that we plan to register for in May is more focused around "Birthing from Within" I've been told, however I had read the Bradley book prior to this pregnancy and plan to read it again - and make my DH read it!


Hopefully you'll be able to connect with the other couple in your class, DesertSunsets....  that's one of my big expectations from our upcoming class - to help us network w/other couples and moms in the area....

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So yeah... The other couple dropped out. So its only us. Since we've read so much she's skimming over the basics if we already know them and we can go more in depth on the areas we have more interest.  


For our class this weeks I was having a super emotional day and I didn't have enough time to eat before the class. I ended up spending the first half hour of the class trying to cry, not very successfully. Eventually I was able to get control of myself. 

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