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Memaniye, Beth Israel Midwives

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Hi everyone!


I'm new to the forum and due in August.  I'm switching from my ob/gyn practice and I'm in the midst of deciding whether to have a homebirth or midwife in a hospital and with who.  I have combed through the site and gotten some great info but wanted to ask for some specifics about your experiences with:


1) Memaniye - If you had a homebirth with her, what were the positives and/or negatives?  Did you benefit from her nutritional advice? Were her homeopathic remedies used and helpful?  How did she deal with any complications? She seems very laid back, was that a good thing? 


2) Beth Israel midwives (Joyce, Susan, Cory) - I'd love to hear any specifics about experiences with this group.  Were you able to have the kind of birth you wanted despite the hospital setting?  Are you able to request a specific midwife?  Was the care personalized?


Thanks so much for any and all thoughts!



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Hi Firstpregbk, hope you are your baby are well.

This are exactly the questions that I'm dealing with now, surprised no-one answered.

Please let me know what you choose and if you got feedbacks elsewhere.

thanks in advance,


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