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Anyone else dealing with jaundice?

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My DD is 8 days old today. At her 5 day check up the Dr recommended a bilirubin check which came back at 19.  She recommended a bill-blanket in home and going on formula for a couple of day (gasp).  The formula option was out of the question so we opted for the blanket.  Her level went down to 18.2 the next day, then 15 the next day.  We opted to stop using the biliblanket today and when they came to pick it up they took another sample and just called that the level had only dropped to 14.9.  

I plan to have her in the window all day tomorrow and am feeding her as much as her little tummy can take.  Now I'm wondering if we should've kept the blanket through the weekend.  It's a hassle being tied down to the machine and jaundice seems to be something that a lot of newborns deal with.  DS had it and window treatment worked but I can't remember his level. 

Is anyone else dealing with jaundice and what are you doing?  I can't stand the thought of her having to go to the hospital for treatment but from what I've heard below 17 is treatable without lights. 

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Some amount of jaundice is totally normal. From what I understand with physiological jaundice (normal newborn stuff you're dealing with) the biggest concern is that the baby gets too sleepy and doesn't nurse well, getting dehydrated and losing too much weight. So as long as the numbers are going down and weight loss/gain is decent you should be fine.

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Why formula? I don't get it. When I was checking out of the birth center, the midwife was going over a bunch of stuff and one thing was if jaundice shows up...they said the best thing to do is nurse, nurse, nurse and expose baby to 20 minutes of sunlight a day. Why would they tell you to switch to formula for jaundice? I'm just wondering what the reasoning was. I don't have any advice, only one of my five kids ever showed a little jaundice and it was so mild, we didn't have to do anything so I don't know much about it. Hope it goes away soon!

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They say jaundice is thicker and helps clear out the bilirubin (?) faster.
My DD had jaundice at birth. She was full term and level ag 15 or 16. I had a midwife who checked her out and said that because of her (full term) gestation, her level could be 21 and would still be ok. The pedi's of course were threatening to send her to the hosptal as they "dont do the blankets". I knew that would only make things worse. My daughter was waking up, eating fine, going to the restroom fine too.

The jaundice didnt clear up completely until around 6 weeks old which is normal! Also the eyes stay jaundiced the longest, which is also normal. DD's eyes didnt clear up completely until about 7 weeks. Offer the breast a lot and sun your LO! Things should clear up smile.gif
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The neonatologist at my hospital I ended up in told me I was going to need to supplement with formula the next day after seeing a 24hr transcutaneous bili of five, FIVE! I laughed in his face then asked why in the world would he fear no get like that. greensad.gif

I honestly believe that he has no idea how recommending formula can after mom and baby for months later. Maybe this is true of many hospital practitioners who don't follow their patience after discharge?
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Perri's transcutaneous bili was 4.5 at 24 hours old. She was bruised at birth so that lead to the increased level. She is still fairly orange/yellow but she is only going on 5 days old so I am not worried. She is pooping and peeing and eating. 

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DD had jaundice and we never even tested levels. My mw just wanted her to be in front of a window in sunlight often.  Exposure really only needs to be like 15-20 min a day.  I nursed her like crazy.  She was extra sleepy but her poops have been great and she is eating a ton.  She is two weeks today and her eyes are just a bit yellow but the rest has improved.  Sorry about the formula recommendation.  It really doesn't make sense because formula isn't processed as quickly as breast milk and the whole point is to help them flush it out of their system.  Hope your LO clears up soon. I wouldn't worry, I would just do sunlight and nurse a lot!

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Jack Newman has some great info on Jaundice. 




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Our first had a bili level of 18 and we had the blanket here are home for him. He was in it for at least 3 days. I can't remember for sure. Our dr. never suggested formula though. His eyes did take the longest to clear up. I fI was you I might have kept the blanket a bit longer but it look slike 20 minutes in the sun daily and a good appetite will do your little babe a world of good.

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Thanks everyone.

Saudade- The dr said that the hormones in breast milk slow the body's ability to process the bilirubin.


Baby is looking better already- only some yellowish left in her face and a little tinge in her eyes.  Have had lots of window time, a little outside time and lots of poops! 

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