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Fabric for kitchen chairs...

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Looking for advice from all you wise women that know fabrics inside and out!  My kitchen chairs need to be recovered again.  They used to be white, but then got so dirty from little fingers that they wouldn't sun out white again.  I reupholstered them some brown fabric - looks like suede and was supposed to be "dry clean only", but the lady at the fabric store told me water would be ok.  WRONG!


Anyway, I would like something that can be wiped clean.  You know, something that we won't stick to in the Summer (I remember the vinyl chairs of my childhood and that's *not* the sweaty mess I'm looking for).  Would oil cloth work for this task or is there something else to suggest?  Is there a decent online fabric shop with a lot of pattern choices after I know which type of fabric I want?



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I would suggest Chintz - found in the home decor section of fabric stores - it has like a shine to it.  Also you can spray it with Scotch Guard ...its not totally 'wipe clean'  ....it IS fabric...but its not bad.....I cant think of any fabric that you can wipe clean that you wouldnt also stick to in the summer! 

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We had the same problem, constantly recovering our kitchen chairs once we had children.  About five years ago I bought some fantastic fabric in a light oatmeal color.  I cannot remember the name, but it was purchased at Joann Fabrics.  It came in a nice selection of colors, it cleans beautifully, and it is soft.  It has a rubberish backing so when you clean it or when something spills on it it doesn't seep into the cushion.  It was pretty pricey - about $120/yard - but I used a coupon for 40% or 50%.  They need to custom order it and it wasn't available from all stores back them - just the Super Joann stores.  I couldn't get it around here but found it while visiting my mom in Florida.  I believe it is an indoor/outdoor fabric but it doesn't have that uncomfortable outdoor feel.  I cannot remember the name, but when I looked on their website it looks little like the Sunbrella fabric.    Anyway, over the years I've cleaned it with dish soapy water and I've also saturated it with Backout....it always came out clean and it doesn't look worn at all.



edited to add...I looked at the Joann site.  My fabric might be Crypton plush fabric which is only $60/yard and on sale for $30/yard.  I cannot remember.

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A lot of upholstery fabric comes stain guarded.  The fabric on my dining room window seat and chairs wipes clean with a damp cloth.  I bought it for $6 a yard at Home Fabrics.

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I made the trek to Joanns today and found a cute print in laminated cotton.  Do you all think that would work?

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I'm not sure about the particular fabric choice, but could you slip-cover instead so that you can take the slip cover off and wash it in the washer?  Or somehow not staple to the frame, but maybe use snaps, zippers, or velcro so that the upholstery could be washed?  May not work with your style of chair, just a thought...

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