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Attempt #2?

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We had a UP and planned a UC for our daughter.  You can read about it here:  http://olsenfamily9509.blogspot.com/2010/12/kamrynns-birth.html


To summarize, I had terrible back labor and DH convinced me to transfer to the hospital for an epidural because he couldn't take it any longer.  While there, I was either given false information, or not all the information to make informed decisions I needed to make.


We've been TTC since November when AF returned, and I want to make sure we dont transfer for a non-emergency with the next baby.  Any suggestions?  Should I get a midwife?  It's more important to me to NOT go to the hospital than it is for me to have a UC.  I've already decided I'm going to do hypnobabies.  Any other suggestions?



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Hi Mama! I read your birth story, and goodness that certainly was an experience. I can understand completely how the goal to avoid the hospital now becomes worth so much...I feel much the same way after our first birth experience. 


Would you have better/more support this go around if you chose to UC again? That seemed to be the only thing of note in your birth story in the UC part. It seemed as though your husband was quite concerned about you, and possibly wasn't providing enough support to get you through your labor without handing it off to someone else. Or else, is your husband feeling the same way as you about the previous birth experience such that he would be more committed to keeping you guys at home unless it was an emergency?


I'm hoping to get a doula for birth support at our UC, but we'll see if I can find anyone who feels comfortable being at a UC. 

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