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Hi, I know this is probably another one of those unanswerable but fun to speculate about questions, but this past week I have had to pee SO BAD, and all the time. I don't have a UTI, it doesn't burn, it's just that I have to pee so often! Last week I suspected I was possibly pregnant because my hip was hurting in a way it only ever hurt during pregnancy. But then I had heavy bleeding over the weekend/early in the week. I seriously, seriously doubt I'm pregnant after that bleeding, and I don't want to test because, well, about 30 cycles of TTC for DD made me hate pee tests. I guess at the moment I'm just ok with waiting it out. if I'm not pregnant, why do I have to pee so bad I almost wet my pants all week? (Hello, KEGELS!) Oh yeah, and on a side note, I've had some trouble with letdowns when nursing my 9mo DD this week.
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