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Preparing for GBS test?

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Anyone starting to prepare for the GBS test? I'm going to be starting a probiotic regimen this week as well as hibiclens washes in the week leading up to my test. I've heard of garlic suppositories but I don't know if I can handle that! With the perineal massage DH started this week I don't know if I want to add any more vaginal activities, so to say.


Anyone tried this and succeeded in getting a negative result? I was GBS+ last time but I birthed with midwives last time, so was able to do hibiclens washes in labor and avoid antibiotics. I'm birthing in a hospital this time (due to financial constraints) and I won't be able to avoid the abx if I do test positive.


Would love to hear of your plans/experiences!


ETA: DH and I did forget about not having sex before the test last time. That is another thing I won't be doing this time around, probably in the week leading up to the test.

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I've been taking probiotics and drinking kefir all along for a few reasons. I also take a bunch of extra vitamins and a cranberry supplement.  Beyond that, I'm just crossing my fingers. I was positive with both of my previous so I'm not too hopeful this time!  Thanks for the no sex tip, hadn't thought of it.

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My prenatal has probiotics, but I've been spending so much $ on food-based prenatals and vitamin D supplements (I'm chronically low) that I haven't been able to afford adding an additional probiotic until now, when I feel it is most important! Do you have a specific brand that you recommend? I will probably head to the natural foods store tomorrow to stock up on probiotics and EPA/DHA tomorrow.

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How far in advance of the test are you doing the hibiclens washes and how often?  

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My current plan is daily for about a week (maybe 5 days) and then just before I go in for the test. I still have some left over, along with a peri bottle, from labor/PP with my daughter.


Another thing I forgot to add--I stopped wearing thong underwear. I am a little sad because the VS Lacie thong is the only underwear that has remained comfortable throughout pregnancy for me, but I do think it could contribute to a + result.

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Just wanted to update everyone that I did get my results back today and I am GBS NEGATIVE!!! SO thrilled. I'm glad that antibiotics in labor are likely not going to happen! I was so afraid of them causing thrush.

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Just wanted to update everyone that I did get my results back today and I am GBS NEGATIVE!!! SO thrilled. I'm glad that antibiotics in labor are likely not going to happen! I was so afraid of them causing thrush.

That is great news!  

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I got my NEGATIVE result today too....so happy!  Last time when my daughter came early they didn't have my results back yet so I was on the drip and we ended up with thrush, so I am thrilled not to have to worry about that!

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Got my negative result yesterday, too. Whoo hoo!

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Got my negative result today!!!!  I am super excited about this because I have tested positive with my past three pregnancies and was planning on refusing antibiotics this time around.  My midwives are fine with this, but told me at my last appointment to be prepared to defend myself to the attending OB and pediatrician. There was a newborn who contracted GBS during a home birth last month (and then had to stay in the hospital for a week and was very sick)  and the doctors gave the two women giving birth who refused antibiotics right after the GBS incident a really hard time.  So now I will have paperwork documenting me GBS free and will have just that much less to worry about.  

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got my negative result today too yay:)

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Did my swab today. *crossing fingers*

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I got my negative result on Friday! I have never tested positive with any of my pregnancies but am still happy. I did nothing to prepare.

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Wow, what good results we are having... I hope I get as lucky!!! My test is tomorrow.

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So glad to see so  many negative results! Good luck tinams8!

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Positive :-( Was neg. with first pregnancy so not sure how to help boost my body before/after to help deal with antibiotics. Hospital birth with midwives planned (who probably wouldn't fight me turning antibiotics down but I am not going to). Any tips? Pending a super fast labor (which is totally possible given first) I will be getting the IV when I arrive which honestly is preferable to me than doing lots of work ups on baby after, or worse of course, passing it to  him. Now we definitely will have to go to hospital early (already they wanted us there sooner since I am fast laboring and we live an hour away). I hope all still goes well! I will follow my gut when it happens. 37+5 today and feeling like labor is imminent... DS was at 38+1 (will be Monday which happens to coincide with the full moon too, AND DS says baby will come on "4" so June 4th maybe lol?). I really think we will have a baby in in the next few days and I know it will go ok despite the positive result. i am going to pretend the IV is giving me an energy drink or something to get over this psychologically haha. Fortunately I have never been sensitive to antibiotics in the past but you never know, and my poor little one! UGH! I feel the same way as I did when DS had jaundice and was almost sent back to hospital (thank God for patient peds and breastfeeding like crazy) ie I am bawling think of it even though I know my babies really aren't in danger. Darn hormones!

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Have you asked what the hospital's stance is on the amount of time for the antibiotics? My hospital recently changed their official policy to needing less than an hour. I was negative but it was a relief to know I didn't really have to arrive early if it came to it.
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I didn't ask that detail, but I will! Was too busy crying and feeling guilty as if this is somehow my fault. Would be nice to know that I don't really need to get there super early.

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I got a positive GBS test too.  :(  I was hopeful because I was negative with my daughter, but no such luck.  I wanted to labor at home for awhile.  I guess I will hope that my water does not break.

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