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Preparing for GBS test? - Page 2

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Just found out I'm GBS negative. Yay! 

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I'm negative!!! I can't believe it, I was sure after being positive twice that I was doomed!


For the record... I didn't do any hibiclens or the like, just probiotics, cranberry supplements 2x a day, and kefir.


It's been 8 years since my last test and since then I have been on broad spectrum antibiotics, so I also wonder if that contributed.

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I'm a little late to this discussion - I haven't gotten my result yet - got swabbed on Friday - but I've been taking Pearls probiotics daily for the second have of the pregnancy.  Hoping to be negative this time - I've had 2 out of 3 positives.

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i should have been reading this thread a little more closely. i didnt think i had anything to worry about bc i had never tested pos ever. well this time i did. my midwfie says no big deal and i can still homebirth but i cant help but feel a little freaked out by it. 

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http://www.agapedoula.com/GBS.pdf Jennifer, read through this. (((HUGS)))

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Originally Posted by KristaDJ View Post

http://www.agapedoula.com/GBS.pdf Jennifer, read through this. (((HUGS)))


that was good. thank you. very helpful. my midwife gave me instructions to alternate days of taking acv shots and clay water shots. and also to alternate garlic suppositories and acv rinses till birth. 

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