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Over 40 and pregnant! Help!

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I turn 43 in May and I am pregnant with my 3rd child.  This was unplanned, as I am not married nor will the father be a part of this child's life.  So I am in it alone. I know God has a plan for my life, just did not expect this!  My oldest is 17 and my youngest is 14.  I can't imagine what they are going to say about this one!

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Welcome! I can't say that I have ever been in your shoes so I don't have any wonderful words of advice or encouragement. 

I just want to say that you must be a strong and brave woman and I applaud you! thumb.gif


Please keep us updated on how it goes when you tell the teenagers! wink1.gif

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Hey you. I'll be 37 this summer and am pregnant with my seventh child. My partner recently cheated on me and abandoned our family. This child was unplanned and came about from one night that he lied about loving me and wanting our family. I have a seventeen year old and a thirteen year old and a gaggle in between them and this new baby too. I bet your kiddos will do just fine especially when the baby seems more real. My thirteen year old especially is wild about babies, but never excited before he meets them. I will also not have a partner to share this with as he has begun a relationship with his ex who gloats about helping to destroy our family. I want no part of it and won't allow my children the pain of their pairing. It's tragic. You will be ok, mama. Be good to yourself and feel free to vent and share. 

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Hi Mumma,

I just wanted to let you know my/my mums story.
My mother was 42 when she had me. My brother and sister were 20 and 22 when I was born. They loved me so much and were not in my mothers hair.
She was much more relaxed with me because she had done it all before and had "calmed down" (her words).
She said that due to her relaxed been there done that attitude I was a much easier bub...
There are so many up points to being an experienced mumma.
What a great experience for your other two smile.gif

I hope all the craziness settles for you soon mumma. Gotta remember there are hormones whiz zing around making this harder too.

Know we are all here to support you
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