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First appointments?

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Anyone had their first midwife/doctors appointment yet?

I saw my GP at 5 weeks to get a form for bloods. The way it works here is that yu get bloods done and the results go to the midwives clinic at the hospital and then you make an appointment there.

My first midwives appointment is in two weeks ( I'll be 13+2) and I also have my one-off obstetricians clinic appointment (everyone has one, the rest are with the midwives) booked for 20 weeks.

I'm quite excited about it, hoping to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

Anyone else?
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Been to the back-up OB appt for labs and an U/S to verify that I'm only having one baby, and met with my midwife to discuss all the technical stuff like money and timing of visits. Now I'm just kinda puttering along, eating and sleeping and growing a baby.

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My first appointment was schedule on the 26th, so around 12 weeks along.  But I am heading in on Monday to talk to my midwife about possible adrenal fatigue.  We did lab tests because of my exhaustion and I am not anemic, so we are hoping it's my adrenals.  She is also going to palpate my tummy to make sure I am not reading ahead for twins.  I don't think it's even a possibility, but it will be nice to rule that out!

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My first appointment with my midwife is on Wednesday, which is also my birthday! Very hopeful and excited about hearing the heartbeat for the first time!


Also, I'm pretty stoked about seeing my midwife again after 1.5 years smile.gif

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I had my first appt with my MW almost 3 weeks ago at 9.5 weeks.  That was the one where she takes my blood, does the pap (I was overdue so wanted to do it) and all that.  She could not find the HB with the doppler but since it was the day the US tech is there, she let me have a super quick US and we saw the baby.  My next appt is the first week of May (next week I think).  I'll go once a month for a while (7 months I think?).



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Mine is on Thursday! I'll be almost 9 weeks. 

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We had an appt at 8 weeks. Pelvic exam and pap because I was overdue. Weight, bp, then sent me to the lab for blood work. Talked about health history and family history, reviewed my c-sec record to make sure I could VBAC. That's it until mid-may. That will be about 14 weeks, so should be able to hear the heartbeat with Doppler! Excited for that one!
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I had my first mw appointment at 9 weeks - we mainly talked a lot (she almost stayed for two hours) and got to know each other. I asked her to give it a try with the doppler but she couldn't find a heartbeat. well actually at one point she thought she did and then it was gone again and she couldn't find it anymore.


Next appointment is tomorrow and I'll be 12 weeks. can't wait. I'm really anxious to hear that heartbeat... wish me luck!

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Such a relief to hear or see a heartbeat!!  I was so nervous before my first appointment - had it on April 10 right before leaving for a 10 day road trip.  Did urine test, blood draw, pelvic exam and luckily my midwife stole the mini ultrasound machine from the OB's next door and we got to see the little one!!! so exciting to see that heart fluttering away and arms/legs waving - looked like a few too many at one point, but we think it is only one:)  found out my uterus is tilted - I don't remember hearing about that last time....

my midwife also had me try some kegels - which seem to be very difficult for me... I hated doing them through the last pregnancy... and so she gave me a new assignment - 10 cat/cow poses per day where in cow pose you pull navel towards spine without tightening butt... these are much more do-able for me:)

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I've had so many appointments this pregnancy I can't even keep track anymore!  Between all the visits with the fertility doc before I graduated and then now 1 scheduled midwifery visit, 2 unscheduled emergency midwifery visits, an ER visit when I got shocked and the maternal fetal medicine doctor.  I have a midwifery appointment tomorrow and the NT ultrasound on Thursday.  They told me to get a photo album for all the ultrasound visits I am going to have this pregnancy. 


So much for having a healthy, intervention free homebirth!

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couldn't find a HB with the doppler today. I'm not freaking out, it's still early days for the doppler (I'm 12 weeks today), but since we are planning to go on a little road trip on thursday I'll be going in for an U/S at some random OB's practice tomorrow. Just need to know.

fingers crossed.

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I need to email my midwife back but I'll probably go in next week or the following. I usually don't go in to see her till about 12-14 wks. I have a doppler here at home and have been finding the heartbeat fairly easily.

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 I'm just kinda puttering along, eating and sleeping and growing a baby

I LOVE this lol. You should make it your siggy or something :P


I have my first appt. tomorrow but it will just be to discuss the payment arrangement with my MW and I doubt we will really do anything else. 

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had my first sit-down with the m/w today, but she forgot her doppler, so we're doing that and filling out some forms next week. 

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I have my first appointment with my MW next Weds! I saw the babe at 8 wks on the US and I have a doppler and tried this week at 9 wks and we heard the little HB. I thought we weren't going to get it, but then my hubby found it! I hope we can hear it again at our appointment too! It is so reassuring to me since I miscarried about this time last time.



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I had my 1st official ob appt this past Tuesday at 10ish weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy with her and I really like her (still wish we had local midwives though). It was the standard pee in a cup, weight, blood work, pap, and doppler. We were able to hear the heartbeat although it took her awhile to find it...she was looking too low. I think she forgets how many I've had and how quickly my body goes back into pregnancy mode, lol! I'll go back in 4 weeks. I'm just dying to get to the 20 week u/s appt. I know it won't be long now but it feels like an eternity! I usually feel pretty confident about gender but I'm flip-flopping a bit :)

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I've met with my midwife once, only for an initial consultation, because I had never used her before and I wanted to be sure that she was the midwife I wanted to use. My first actual appointment is going to be this Thursday, at 12 weeks. I assume it will be a minimal visit, with her probably measuring me and palpating, since I've been measuring myself at about 6 to 7 1/2 cm ahead of where I should be. I've had a suspicion that there is more than one baby in there, so she may want to use a doppler to see if she can find two heartbeats. But, otherwise, I assume she'll use the fetoscope to see if she can hear anything (I can't hear anything with my fetoscope at this point except for my own heartbeat.)

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