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Stretch Marks!

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Is anyone getting stretch marks yet? What (if anything) do you do to try to prevent them ?

I got them on my hips with DS, but with twins this time I'm getting so much larger so quickly that my skin feels like its tearing! I haven't noticed any real stretch marks as of yet. I'm hoping I can escape without horrible ones. I'm using Blossoming Belly Butter made by Mama Roses Naturals. I used it with DS too. I don't know if it will help prevent stretch marks, but it helps with the itchy belly skin.

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keep your belly well moisturized. cocoa butter is supposed to be good.
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All of the stretch mark creams on the market didn't work for me. 


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I gained a lot of weight with my first but never had a problem with actual stretch marks - I think its mostly genetic and my mom didn't have a problem with them either so I guess I'm lucky. But I did have really itchy uncomfortable skin last time and used coconut oil and that helped a lot and it doesn't leave me feeling sticky like a lot of cream did. Its pretty much my go to oil for everything from cradle cap and diaper rash to my DH's dry feet that he rubs on my legs at night to annoy me :-)

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Near the end of my second pregnancy, I read somewhere about a study that tested nothing vs. cocoa butter vs. vitamin E oil or cream. The cocoa butter didn't make a huge difference, but the vitamin E oil really helped reduce stretch marks. Wish I could find that study again to verify the details!
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I had them with my first two pregnancies and I figure I'll have them again.  Oh well. 



foxsmama - The itchy skin I had so bad when I was pregnant with the girls!  I tried creams and nothing helped.  In the third trimester I developed a weird rash too that no one seemed to know what it could be. 

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I have stretch marks...not from pregnancy, but just weight gain earli in my life. I take a double dose of fish oil every day and did when pg with dd as well. I swear that it's the reason that I did t get stretch marks last time....fingers crossed it works again!
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I'm curious to see if I get stretch marks. I have a few faint ones on my breasts from when I was a teenager and my mom said that she got a lot of them with her pregnancies, so I'm probably prone to them. I just think of the meme that has a picture of stretch marks on a woman's stomach and says something along the lines of "I'm a tiger who earned these stripes!" 

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I only had a few very short, very little during pregnancy with DS.Actually, they didn't show up until I tried to push him out. I hadn't noticed them but the OB at the 6 week checkup pointed it out to me (thanks). With DD I wasn't much bigger than with DS but I believe my skin didn't have as much room to strech with a darn c/s scar down there and the same strechmarks got a little longer. They disappeared almost immediately after birth, they actually were never even as bad as you see on some pictures.


So far, 19 weeks into #3, I don't see any strechmarks, I can feel them but I also don't moisturize all the time. Maybe once or twice a week or whenever I feel like it after a shower.

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I didnt get any with DS #1 and I had severe polyhydramnios and basically wehn from measuring right on track at 5 months to measuring 9 months in a span of 30 days. I used earth mama body butter and stretch oil every day when I got out of the shower (pores are open and absorbs it well) and also ate a healthy diet full of healthy fats, especially omegas from shelled hemp seed. Not sure if it was genetics or diet/lotion that helped, but going the same route this time and hoping no stretch marks this time around.

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Supposedly vitamin C helps prevent stretch marks because it supports collagen production (it's supposed to be best in sodium ascorbate form).  I also swore by Earth Mama Angel Baby stretch oil (love the stuff!).

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