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Oh my word... The worst case of the flu I've ever had... I left my power yoga class on Tuesday night, got home, collapsed in the shower, was suddenly shaky, feverish, ear pain, cramping all over my body and a fever... I thought I could ride it out but after day 4 yesterday, I went to urgent care and they put me on Tamiflu... i was hoping to avoid taking anything, but the pain in my throat was terrible, plus the cough, etc. My fever only got up to 102, as far as I know, but they were unable to check for the heartbeat at the clinic.  I have an appt on Tuesday with my OB, but I can;t help but worry about my little peanut in there.  i haven't been able to eat... Just drinking tons of water, OJ and chicken broth. Anyone else dealt with flu during pregnancy?

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Not flu, but I did have food poisoning once when I was pregnant.  I threw up for almost an entire day, ended up in the emergency room.  They had to put 3 bags of fluid in me in the first hour or something I was THAT dehydrated and then several drugs to keep me from vomiting.  It was a horrible experience, all that to say....baby was just fine.  ;o)  I am sure you little peanut is okay.  Please try to relax, get some rest and get over it quickly.

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My sisters had the flu when she was a couple months pregnant with her last baby. Everything turned out fine and her daughter is almost 2 and happy and healthy!

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I've had the flu while pregnant.  I had the stomach flu/fever/can barely get up off the bathroom floor/dizzy/hurts to move flu when I was 4-5 weeks pregnant with this baby before I had even tested positive.  Which is why I didn't test earlier, I was clearly preoccupied.


I also had a terrible stomach flu (same thing, ugh) when I was 7-8 months pregnant with my last.  Now that sucked.  I could not shake it, and kept dry heaving for days, just awful.



Both times things have been fine.

Just stay hydrated and take it easy.

I'm not a pill popper but I will take tylenol for fevers (if you can keep it down).