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Let's Guess The Sex!

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Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to start a little game of guessing the gender of our little growing babies!


Post what you think you are having, I'll chart it. Then we'll compare once we find out :)


I'm thinking my little one is a BOY!


Name Gender Guess? Confirmed!
KalaniR Boy Baby Boy!!
Marissamom Girl  
Tibris Girl  
Katelove Girl Baby Girl!!
Dealea86 Girl  
Chrissy Girl Baby Girl!!
Nemrac917 Girl  
Bmorefarmgirl Girl Baby Girl!!
Krystal1220 Boy Baby Girl!!
Sere234 Boy Baby Boy!!
Kateaton Boy Baby Girl!!
Aboutobe5 Girl Baby Girl!!
LauraSimm77 Girl  
TheDivineMrsM Boy  
sunmamma Girl  
Thyme Mama Girl  
Sheri R Boy Baby Girl!!
JodiAriel Boy/Boy  
Simonsez2u Boy Baby Boy!!
Bella Catalina Girl  
MadTown16 Girl  
Momto2Annie Girl Baby Boy!!
Faldaste Girl  
Finnegansmom Girl  
Forumyonly1 Boy Baby Girl!!
Babychak Boy Baby Boy!!
Ananas Boy  
Julieee Boy  
Marilyn82 Girl  
Sycsibert Boy  
Jeunesdragons Girl  
Kleine Erbsen Girl  
HoosierMusicMommy Boy  
Franjapany Boy Baby Boy!!
Kparker Boy Baby Boy!!
MrsKoehn Boy  
Evolmama Boy  
Wantabeanbrat   Baby Boy!!
Faithsstuff   Baby Girl!!
Tekcez Girl Baby Girl!!

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I'm thinking Girl 

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Cool! Great idea to chart it like that.

I think we have a girl.
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Well since I thought DD was going to be a boy, I don't really have much faith in my predictions. But... I'm going to say another girl. This pregnancy feels very similar to me. My Korean MIL says that I'm having a boy based on what I'm craving, and DH thinks that I'm having a boy... so we'll see who's right. smile.gif

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I think girl!

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I think (and hope) girl!

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lots of girls guessed....and i am joining them! it could be wishful thinking considering i have two boys....winky.gif

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I think it's a girl. Another boy would be fun, but I am hoping for a girl this time.
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I think mine is a boy. :)

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I'm guessing boy for us!

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I was convinced DS was a girl, bought a girly diaper bag and everything. Totally shocked when we saw he was all boy in the ultrasound :)  I haven't had any inclinations about this little one although my MS is worse so guessing (and sort of hoping) GIRL!

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I'm going to guess boy. This pregnancy is already very different than when I was pg with DD. 

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Originally Posted by TheDivineMrsM View Post

I'm going to guess boy. This pregnancy is already very different than when I was pg with DD. 


What differences have you noticed that make you think BOY? :)

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I don't know what to think about this baby! My last pregnancy with my second son really threw me off.


PG #1: felt great, miscarried somewhere between 6-8 weeks.

PG #2: nausea instantly, miscarried a few days later

PG #3: nausea and sensitivity to foods and smells until miscarriage at 12 weeks

PG #4 DD: sick with HG until 24 weeks, heartburn from day 1

PG #5 DS: never sick a day, felt great

PG #6 DS: sick with HG until 26 weeks, heartburn from day 1

Current pregnancy: nausea (done at 11 weeks, though still sensitive to food and smells), intermittent heartburn


With DD, I hoped she was a boy. With DS #1, I knew he was a boy before we conceived. With DS #2, I swore he was a girl, because of my pregnancy symptoms. So at this point, with this pregnancy being unlike my others (with living children), I just have no clue. But I am praying for a girl!

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I'm gonna say boy - this pregnancy feels different - more queasy, but no heartburn early on.... much more interested in sex this time around... AND a random woman on the BART in San Francisco said it was a boy and that she's never been wrong... he he.

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I am hoping two boys...

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My track record is bogus in the prediction department since I was certain DD was a boy.  However, I'm going with boy since it seems this pregnancy is so similar to my first with DS.

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