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Based on timing (TTA, and DTD 6 days before O), I'm going with girl. I have two boys already, and I think I'm sicker this time, too. But I will honestly be surprised if baby isn't a third boy.

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I'm guessing baby is a girl this time! (though now that I typed it out, I already have a feeling I'm wrong)
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I'm guessing girl... although it's strange to say that... i have two boys and I have no idea what I'd do with a girl!

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Girl. I have a boy and a girl and this pregnancy feels very similar to being pregnant with my daughter. Feeling sickest with this one which is interesting.

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i'm guessing boy!

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We have 3 boys.  I think it's silly to think I'd have a girl this time but I don't necessarily think it's a boy.

So I'm torn.  The pregnancy is similar to my others but maybe the nausea has held on a little longer.


If it's a girl, I wouldn't be shocked...which is as close to saying "girl" as I've ever been in 3 pregnancies.


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I honestly have no idea. I'm going to guess boy.

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Any other takers??

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It's been hard to get a sense of what this little one is. I'm thinking boy pretty strongly recently, though.
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Thanks for keeping track Kalani. It's going to be interesting to see how many are acurate!

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FUN! I'm guessing BOY and I KNOW I will be wrong.  :)  We aren't finding out though.... so guess we'll see on his/her birthday!

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I feel bad or saying this since all that really matters is a healthy baby and I don't want anyone (especially those mamas who have m/c or otherwise suffered a loss or infertility) to feel like I am taking this pregnancy for granted but...in my heart of hearts, I really want another girl. I don't have any strong inclinations either way so I'm going to guess GIRL just for the heck of it :D We aren't finding out either so it'll be a loooong wait lol!

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What differences have you noticed that make you think BOY? :)


With DD, I barely knew I was pg until 20 weeks. I was tired, and my boobs hurt, but that was the extent of my pg symptoms. I loved fruit, yogurt, ice cream, anything sweet. I wanted veggies and all kinds of "good for me" foods. With this one, I've been nauseous all day long more or less since I POAS. I'm not tired (or at least, no more than usual). My sleep patters are completely different though. With DD, I slept like a woman in a coma; this time, I'm a light sleeper and up several times a night. No boob sensitivity. I've been living on bread and cheese in all it's forms, and sour drinks like lemonade. Sweet things make me more nauseous (though ice cream is still ok lol). And I just feel different. We'll see in 10 weeks or so...

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When are you ladies finding out what you are having? I was just told my OB does an anatomy scan no sooner than week 20! Kind of late, but oh well.... im just being ANXIOUS!!!

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we find out this saturday! i'm so excited! we are surprising our moms on mothers day with an u/s picture that says the gender!  I will be 15w3d. We found out two of our children's genders by that gestation so i'm really hoping baby cakes gives us a good view!

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I am kind of hoping for a boy, although anything happy and healthy will be great.  

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I don't know how to tell if it's a boy or a girl or anything, as this is my first. Buuuuuut... I strongly feel like she's a girl (and even refer to her as "her"). I've felt that way since before I got pregnant - that if I got pregnant I would have a girl - and nothing has changed.


However, my SO and my mother both have similarly "strong" feelings that it's a boy.


Either way, I will be happy, as long as the baby comes out healthy. Genders don't matter much to me as I'm a bit of a gender-bender myself and try not to buy into the stereotypical gender role idea. Clothes, colors, toys, etc. aren't gender-specific. I really don't mind if my boy wears pink and likes dolls, for example. Plus we have picked androgynous names (I myself have a man's name though am bio-female).

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 I really don't mind if my boy wears pink and likes dolls, for example. 

My boys have all loved baby dolls as toddlers <3 and my three year old son's favorite book is make believe princesses! we don't care about stereotypical gender roles here, but it is apparent to me that for some people gender roles are just in their dna- my daughter is extremely nurturing. loves taking care of other people and of course boss them around. she loves clothes and from a very early age would cry and refuse certain clothing (and her taste is definitely different than mine) all of this and she is only 20 months old.  we don't discourage her behavior, because that's who she is. boy or girl as long as they are who they want to be.. we're happy! :)

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I really haven't been active on this board as of yet, but I'd like to be!


My guess for me is Boy


I don't know if that is a guess as much as a hope.

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