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Pink spotting

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I am moving in two weeks and have been packing today. I've not been lifting anything heavy and have been trying to be good with breaks. Just saw pink spotting on tp for two bathroom breaks.

I put a call into my fertility specialist's emergency line so I should hopefully hear from her in 1-2 hours. I'm resting in bed as well.

I'm 5w3d today. Taking progesterone and estrogen for luteal phase defect. So far my HCG numbers have been good (3 blood draws) and my two u/s.

Blerg. I'm really scared. I know I am high risk because of my age (almost 37) and LP issues.

Sorry for the book, just don't know what to do with myself right now.
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I'm sorry.  And I know that realistically, you do have reason to be concerned.  I would be, too.  But, FWIW, I had spotting throughout the first trimester with DS1.  It terrified me every. frikin. time.  There was a subchorionic hemorrage (sp?) which never caused any problems except that I bled frequently and felt insane there-because.


I'm moving, too.  I wish you luck and a sticky baby and a smooth move.

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It's good that you have a call in, but I want to say that I also had pink spotting with my youngest daughter, obviously everything was fine. Hope it is fine for you, too!
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Thanks for replying, ladies.

She called and told me to take it easy today but that bed rest wasn't necessary. I'm doing it anyway. She says I'm fine to go to work tomorrow since it's not a strenuous job.

I already have a progesterone blood draw scheduled for tomorrow morning. So I guess it is just wait and see. That's basically how she treated it. She didnt suggest an earlier appointment (next one is Thursday).

Now to just stay calm...
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Praying for a sticky baby for you!

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praying.gif You're in my thoughts and prayers mama!

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Thanks, ladies.

Going to bed now. The spotting has lessened and is now brown. We will see what the morning brings....
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hug2.gif Hope everything is OK, I had spotting during one of my past pregnancies and I know how worrisome it can make us.

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Well, I am still experiencing spotting but much lighter and usually brown with occasional pink. My blood work from this morning showed my progesterone level was good so no tweaking there. I'm feeling a bit better but still nervous. My next appt is Thursday. I will be 6w1d then and I really hope to see the HB (which I know is iffy).

Thanks for all the kind words!
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Thinking of you Mumma!

Keep us updated xx

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I hope everything is okay! I had some spotting my entire 6 weeks, and actually saw a little blood, but everything was fine. I called my nurse in a panic and she said they only get concerned if you're soaking through pads. Otherwise, it's fairly common. I still see a little pink or brown now and then--mostly in the mornings.

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