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Weekly Chat April 23rd !!!

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Since its after midnight here in the EU, I thought I'd start this weeks thread. Can you believe its almost May?!


Any scans or appointments coming up? Fun plans for this week? 



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I personally am freaking out that I am officially 25 weeks!  According to my preggo journal, I'm in the third trimester.  I know that's the minority position as far as dating goes, but it's so exciting to think how close to the third tri I actually am.  ithappened, you're only one week away from the third trimester, right?!!?


I have my gross GD test on Thursday and some extra blood work (because I switched doctors... annoying).  Otherwise, nothing exciting on the horizon.  How's everyone doing?

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I guess I am 26w this week?! Insane!


Had a rough weekend (spent it at my FIL due to some remodeling here) and it was really horrible. I really feel I am emotionally done with trying to have any sort of relationship with FIL which is sort of sad. disappointed.gif I am over his belittling attitude toward women, his demeaning attitude toward me/DH/DS and his narcissism. He is convinced the world is ending due to radioactive fallout, he has gone so far to buy a huge property on this island, build a villa/compound and has geiger counters all over his house to measure everything including any food I brought into the house.. .. DH said 'this is what happen when white people are rich and bored' lurk.gif



On a more well adjusted note .. eyesroll.gif


Not much going on this week, need to tie up some lose ends with work, buy a sofa bed, attempting to do some nesting in our house now that the 3rd trimester is near and got a pass to the local pool so I can start swimming laps which is awesome! joy.gif



This week I have a required insurance scan (hoping also to confirm 110% sex(es)) on Thursday morning at the hospital (since I'm high risk with twins).



Lilytiger  good luck with the GD test! Im sure youll pass with flying colors!!

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Things are going smoothly here in Chicago.  I only have 5 more weeks of teaching my third graders, which I am a bit sad about, but mostly ready for the break from intensive planning and being on my feet all day.  The month of June will see me finishing up my Masters degree and then I'm home free!  Which is so awesome!


On a less positive note, the company that my husband works for (its really small, only three employees) seems to be sinking and he may not have a job here pretty soon.  We have a decent amount of savings and he'll qualify for unemployment, but the timing is NOT good.  Since our baby will be born in August (and public schools start the first week of August here in Chicago) I won't be teaching this next year, which means we're at a bit of a lost of what to do.  We have been hoping to move back to Oregon anyway and are trying to stay positive that this is the push that we needed.  But it's still less than ideal.  Hopefully DH will be able to find a new job before July 1 when our lease in Chicago ends so we can move into our own place straight away.  Otherwise it looks like we might be hanging out with my parents for a month or two until he finds employment.  I'm trying not to be too anxious about all of it, but it's hard.


WIth all the changes that are about to happen I feel like I'm on a bit of a roller coaster. This is certainly not what I was expecting when we decided to get pregnant last fall!  


Lilytiger:  Let us know how it goes! My test is at my 27th week appointment in two weeks although my midwife is having me drink a whole naked smoothie with 50g of sugar in it so I'll be spared the radioactive beverage.


Ithappened: your fil sounds like a NIGHTMARE.  I don't know how you even tolerated staying with him for a short period of time.  It's sad, but distancing yourself really seems like the healthiest decision for both you and your kiddos. 

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justchanti, sounds stressful. 


ithappened, dont feel bad to do what you ahve to do to protect your family!


According to my calculations I'm 26 weeks.  Is that possible?  Eulitha, I think, is the one who is due the same day I am.  Where are you girl?  LOL


Is anyone as hot as I am?  I'm so unbelievably hot.

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justchanti  where does your family live in Oregon? Id love to move back to Portland if I could figure out a way to make it work for us.


intime0 I lose track all the time of how many weeks I am.. ! my DD is August 2nd, so I think I'm somewhere around 26w..? I know there are calculators online you can plug in your due date and then it tells you, I have to use them often innocent.gif





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good morning!


LilyT, good luck with your GD test!

Ithappened, I'm sorry to hear that your FIL is such a pill. I think I take my inlaws for granted sometimes...

justchanti, good luck to you guys, that's super stressful...does your husband work in an industry that's hiring/growing? 

intime: not hot at all, in fact, it's a dreary 55 degrees today here on the east coast...we had such a mild winter this year and a pretty pleasant spring so far and the rain we had over the weekend was desperately needed...so no complaining. i can pretty much guarantee that our usual muggy summer weather is not far off though, so i'll be right there with you. 


afm, i'm happy to report that our fetal echo "looked great" ! i'm SO relieved and really happy that this won't risk us out of delivering at the birth center. our regular appointment also went well. i've gained 12 pounds so far, which i guess is right on track but seems like a good amount considering that i have a ways to go and will be packing on the pounds later. oh well, not focusing too much on that. made it through the weekend without a trip to ikea, which i consider a huge success. our kitchen counters are being installed on wednesday and hopefully our plumbing will be back in by the end of the week. 


other baby-related news: i finally registered last week, yeah! and we attended a vaccines workshop over the weekend which was super informative. now to find a pediatrician....


hope everyone has a great week! 




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Ithappened, I'm sorry you're always having to put up with FIL :/ 


LilyTiger, good luck on your GD test.


JustChanti, I'm sorry about the bleak outlook with the job situation.  I'm sending good vibes for things to work out exactly how they should, and maybe you'll end up back in the PAc NW! 


Also, ithappened, I had a mini panic attack when you mentioned it is almost May...I have to finish my last section of the CPA exam by the end of May, and with the move and everything, I haven't studied at all.  Argh...need to focus starting today! 


I'm so torn on what to do about vaccines.  I want to do delayed/selective, but I have to do a lot more research to do, yet. However, B's mom did this and she says I will have a lot of trouble regarding certain doctor's, day cares and schools.  She was able to get a religious waver for school, but it seems like day cares require the full panel.  We definitely need to both continue working as we just couldn't afford to have me stay home right now, so day care is a must....  B's parents visited this weekend and his mom was like, "If you lived close to us, I would watch her for free."  Would have been nice....I tried to convince them to move to NC, his dad seemed to consider it but mom said no. All well...


I also started reading the Sears' Birth Book...I wish I had started reading it earlier, it is super informative.

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waffler congrats on the great scan! woot!


vv I know, I can't believe its almost May- I was so busy in April it feels like it never happened..



In totally unrelated news, I bought my first 'real' couch today of my adult life.. . So crazy.. !


We have had the ugliest hand me down futon in our apartment for the longest time, it is so ugly (bright pink, orange and dark red with dark purple flowers) I am SO happy to not have to look at it again and before that I never owned a couch I just had chairs and rocking chairs.. oddly excited.

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Hi all! Happy Monday! 

Lilytiger & VV -  Me, too! When I saw the words 'third trimetser' I freaked out a little bit! I have 5 wks to go but its definitely a reality check. I figure we have 2 wks to go before its really crunch time. Yikes!

ithappened - I'm sorry you had to put up w such nonsense right after your busy trip! But your first real-life couch sounds awesome! Good luck w your scan. I want to convince my MW to take another quick look to try to confirm sex for us.The Grandparents keep asking if they can buy us girly stuff yet. I'm just telling everyone to include gift reciepts just in case. :)

Justchanti - I'm sorry you are dealing w so much uncertainty! I hope everything works out quickly for your family. Maybe it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise if you can work out the move you've been hoping for. Sending lots of good vibes your way!

Waffler - That's great news! I'm so glad that it looks like everything is going to work out for your birth. The vax workshop sounds super helpful. I'll have to look into that in my area. That's an topic I have a lot to learn about. I've heard the basic arguments but I don't have any solid info to base any decisions on.

VV - It's hard to decide how to handle vaccinations. I definitely want to do a delayed schedule but I need to do a lot more research re selective, etc. As for daycare/school, I think that the requirements vary from place to place. You could start asking around for daycares that accept delayed vax kids in your area. Maybe there's a local mom's group that could help and if you find a Ped that will work w you on the schedule, they could probably be a big help, too.


AFM, we had a nice weekend. Sat was beautiful, I spent the day shopping in Annapolis. Sunday was cold and rainy, so we relaxed and watched movies. I didn't get much accomplished but it was nice to have some down time. I did book my trip home to visit some friends and family in Mpls in 2 wks. I'm really looking forward to it! Other than that, not much going on here this week.

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I'm really interested in the vaccination issue - I haven't read up on it much yet, so if anyone has good links or advice I'd love to hear it!


I had a rough weekend - my husband got sick on Thursday, and he had a houseguest all weekend, so he was feverish and coughing up a storm but not actually taking care of himself since he wanted to make sure his friend had a nice visit.  I'm glad he cares about his friend and all, but he ended up making himself worse!  I feel totally fine, so I'm hoping I don't catch whatever he has, but I'm still annoyed at him.  He has a crazy loud cough so I've barely slept since Thursday - his cough wakes me up throughout the night, and by 4/4:30 I just can't get back to sleep.  He just texted to say that his fever broke, finally, so that's good.  But still: I'm cranky.  irked.gif

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Good Luck with your GD test, LilyTiger


I would say that your FIL sounds crazy, ithappened, but since he's so rich, I guess he's just "eccentric."  My sympathies.  Well, when he's hiding on his island, at least you won't have to deal with him in person.  I hope you can confirm the sexes on Thursday.


Wow, justchanti, so sorry that your husband's job is unstable.  Hope everything will work out for you guys.


Waffler, glad that your fetal echo went well!  I have my third fetal echo on Friday.  Hoping that my next tech is as good as my last one.


VV, I'd like to delay vaccines.  I haven't discussed it with DH, yet, but I figure he won't argue too much.  He's in charge of researching pediatricians so we'll have to have the discussion soon.  And you reminded me...I really need to read a couple of books about birth...


We went to the coast (Oregon) for 3nights/4days last week.  The inn we stay at has a "no children under the age of 12" policy so this was probably our last stay there for a while.  Luckily, there is child friendly hotel right next door.  The weather was wild.  It ran the gamut from a winter-like storm to warm with sunny clear skies.  Since I wasn't expecting the sun, I got a little sun burnt.  


It was a nice getaway for DH.  FIL was recently diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis is not good.  I've discussed this in more depth in the anxiety/depression thread.  I guess it's needless to say that I'm worried about DH but he seems "okay."  I think that becoming a father is keeping him positive about the future.  

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Can't keep up with this thread yet but wanted to check in.  This weekend I finally started to have a light linea negra.  I am 26 or 27 weeks so I don't know if that is late to pop up, it is very light and only goes to my belly button.  I also had a weekend where I never got full.  Just would not happen.  I have read others have to eat tiny meals, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.  I kept eating and waiting to feel any sense of fullness, but I never even got slightly uncomfortable much less full.  This led to chips and super spicy salsa binges most of the weekend until there was no more left to be had redface.gif.  I guess it is somewhat OK since I never did have any Easter candy and the chips were plain, organic, only had two ingredients, and were crispy paper thin (and so good and crispy, did I mention that already?) and the salsa was homemade so I got in a lot of veggies like ripe tomatoes, lots of cloves of roasted garlic, cilantro, tons of peppers but mild like bell pepper and then hotter peppers, red onion, and fresh lime juice.  Not really wanting to see the scale this week.

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Sol I've had a few of those 'all you can eat, quiet literally' weekends.. they usually balance out for a few days later where I'm not that hungry. I am sure you'll be fine :)

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I don't envy anyone making their vaccine decision.  It's so very hard.  I'm realizing now how very lucky I am that my daughter's doctor is perfectly fine with us not vaccinating.  He's very old-school, and an osteopathic doctor as well.  It also doesn't hurt that we have a lot of homeschoolers and Amish around here.  I'm also grateful to live in a state that has a philosophical exemption for school if I choose the public route, and I have no need for daycare.  I know not everyone has the same options.  :(

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

I don't envy anyone making their vaccine decision.  It's so very hard.  I'm realizing now how very lucky I am that my daughter's doctor is perfectly fine with us not vaccinating.  He's very old-school, and an osteopathic doctor as well.  It also doesn't hurt that we have a lot of homeschoolers and Amish around here.  I'm also grateful to live in a state that has a philosophical exemption for school if I choose the public route, and I have no need for daycare.  I know not everyone has the same options.  :(


Yeah, even though we're homeschooling, we vaccinate. Because DH works in the ER at one job, AND goes up to patient floors at the same job, and his full time job, he's bouncing between 3 different hospitals.... AND we go and visit him a lot because of the 2 jobs, he'd never see his squishy adorable offspring otherwise. SOoooooooooo yeah. :P 

I just got back from my Chiropractor. That woman, she's an angel sent straight from G-d I swear to you. Before I got pregnant, i was epically plagued with tendonitis in my right wrist to the point where I had to all but give up my sewing.... Its GONE. 

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Should I go ahead and start the Spotlight Thread for this week?  I think it's Pennywhistle's week (because last week was intime0, right?).  I don't want anyone to miss their Spotlight, but I don't know if someone else was planning on starting it.... 

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Originally Posted by intime0 View Post

According to my calculations I'm 26 weeks.  Is that possible?  Eulitha, I think, is the one who is due the same day I am.  Where are you girl?  LOL


Here I am! We're 24 weeks, 3 days! 


I'm also getting new furniture sometime soon - Ikea (or our location anyway) is having a "sale" on sofas starting Wednesday where you get up to 15% back in gift cards. We're getting an actual full-size sofa + ottoman instead of the tiny loveseat we got secondhand & can't sit on together comfortably. We probably won't get there to make the purchase until this weekend (so delivery early next week), but we're getting things ready by rearranging some other furniture in our living space. I might finally be nesting?? 

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Hi everyone! I hope the week is starting well for you all. So much going on here in just one day!

Ithappened, I wish things were better with your FIL. We are far away from all family, except for an older, distant cousin, so we have the issue that we kind of idealize them in the distance and think things would be perfect if they were closer, but know that is probably not the case. Here's hoping the sexes are really clear this time. 

Hope your gd test goes well, LilyTiger. I have that in store for me in 2 weeks.

JustChianti, I hope that your dh's work situation improves or he finds a new job soon.

Waffler, great news about your fetal eco!!

VV, I think you should be able to find out what the day cares require relatively easily and should be able to include those questions in your interviews with pediatricians/etc. Good luck with the research and your preparations for your upcoming exam.  

LeAnn, it sounds like things are pretty calm for you this week, which is a good thing, I trust.

Penny, glad that your husband is getting better. I have been around a few sick people over the past few months, but I'm thanking probiotics for keeping me healthy.

Keuriwwo, your getaway sounds nice, but I am sorry to hear about your FIL, that is so tough.

Sol, I'm sure you'll be fine! You are growing a little being in there and since you're used to following your body's cues, I'm sure you needed to consume a little bit extra. 

Eleuthia, that sounds like nesting! I'm still unsure if we're going to move ahead with some house projects, so I feel as though it's kind of on pause.


AFM, so excited to have reached 24w! We had a busy weekend including a yard sale with some neighbors. We sold a lot of the stuff we wanted to, but don't tend to accumulate much (at least in comparison with some of our neighbors). What I'm most excited about is that I snagged our neighbors' co-sleeper for $25 (they just had a baby less than a year ago), so we can still get a crib later on. I think we'll buy a new mattress for it, though. Sunday was a little up and down, with a few stressful moments but it turned out well.  Work is going to be intense for a few weeks, but once that's over, I can focus on a few important projects I need to finish before the baby comes. Nothing but work this week.


Last night I had the strangest sensation when I woke up about an hour after going to sleep. It was kind of like a heart racing feeling, but in my uterus.I don't know if it was really happening or if it was in my mind, or had something to do with the stress I felt during the day. I drank a glass of water and went back to bed and didn't notice it again. 

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The vaccine issue is so personal!  We take the vaccines on a case by case basis.  Depending on where we are in the world (LOL), the outbreaks that may be going on, the death rate of a certain disease, the pros and cons of getting it and not getting it.  We have to know a lot about each individual disease and vaccine that way, but I actually find a great relief in knowing.  Does that make sense?  The more I know about a disease, the safer (or worse) I feel.


I read Dr Sears vaccine book...he's all for delayed vax.  That's a good one if you prefer that route.


Dr Mendelson....what every parent should know about their doctor?  I think...anyway, super good reading for both vaccines and well baby check ups.  (Left it in America and too lazy to google it...sorry.)





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