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Who has 2 thumbs and is having an epically awesome day? ME THATS WHO. 


i got my 2 year old to not just use the potty, he POOPED ON IT. I'm seriously poop phobic almost, like the smell can trigger vomiting when I'm not pregnant. Then I went out to shoo my bad little corgi dog back into the house, and discovered, a LOT of my garden RESEEDED ITSELF- LETTUCE! CILANTRO! TOMATOS!!! I"m THRILLED! 


And hopefully within a few weeks, we will have our 2nd car back. We made the decision to put a new engine in it instead of junking it. In order to junk it, we'd have to pay off the loan. :( and we couldn't just let it sit at the mechanics for the year that it would take to do that. :( 

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Thanks for the input about the bottles, it seems like maybe I should just try a few of each. also good info about when and how to introduce bottles.


I am dying today. I have had two chiropractor appointments and I thought I was improving. Today the pain is back up to a 7 or 8 and also lower. My chiro says it my hip flexors. It SUCKS. I am only 25 weeks, I am dreading this getting worse during second trimester.  I have a chiro appointment today at 3 I am just crawling towards the finish today.

We went to Ikea over the weekend and got a ton of stuff for the nursery (crib, ribba picture shelves for children's books, some lack floating shelves for an inset in that room, broccoli stuffie, fabric for curtains, crib sheets) I guess I kind of overdid it walking. I am bummed about not being able to walk as exercise. It's the cheapest and easiest. My chiro says swimming or recumbent bike. Might have to join the Y for the summer.


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Re the bottles, yes it is definitely possible to bottle feed expressed milk during the day and breastfeed at night/mornings/weekends etc. I did it with my first for over a year (at which point I stopped puming and just continued breastfeeding when I was home).  I agree with it being better to start with a few different types of bottles and see what works (while I had wanted to use a glass bottle, we ended up having best luck by far with the playtex drop-ins. I also agree that you'll probably save yourself a lot of stress by introducing the bottle around 5 weeks or so.  We didn't since we were still having some breastfeeding issues, and were never able to get my daughter to take a bottle well.  Having a baby who won't drink much of anything except from the breast when you have to go back to work is extremely stressfull. That said, the good news is that one way or the other, the baby is not going to starve and will figure out a way to get the milk that she needs.


Sorry about the pain Boots. Hope it feels better soon!

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Boots, you got the blood work back from your doc to rule out infection, right?  Also, did your chiro give you any hip flexor stretches?  Doing long stretches several times a day can really make all the difference in the world.  Sorry you're feeling crappy.  That sucks.

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Ugh, Lily, I didn't. And they never called me back. I'm almost certain it's just muscle issues, but last night I had some uterine cramps too and I started to wonder again...I should probably call my doc.

Trying to sit up straight. I read the blog of notorious pelvic floor lover and anti-kegel crusader, Katy Bowman. She's written a lot about psoas muscles and I'm going to read all of it and try to start stretching and moving towards squats. I'm icing my back a lot and trying to rest, have another chiro appointment Thurs.



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The adiri....I remember it well.


Yeah, I used the drop ins for car rides with my (now) 6 year old. She didnt care, she just needed something to suck on ALL THE TIME.

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As for Mom not bottle feeding - this worked for us - I never gave my kiddos bottles - always had my husband or our ayi (nanny) do it.  If I were doing it, I would fold under the stress in about 5 minutes and breastfeed :) - whereas my husband or our ayi just kept at it and really it became enjoyable with our daughter to give her a bottle (GREAT little eater!). 


Ithappened... it sounds (to me) like a lot of work to pump for twins all day if you're going to be home those first few months anyway - if it were me, I might just commit to pumping twice so you can feed them a bottle once per day and then so you can stash a bit away for future use.  But that's me - I pretty much loathe pumping and try to do it as little as possible.  


Gosh... I'm starting to get really excited about meeting this baby!!! :) Anyone else out there?  I'm 25 weeks now and for me, that means (likely) only 12 1/2 weeks or so until birth!  And this little one isn't so little anymore - big old kicks and flips.  

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