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Post-partum swimming!!

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yikes.gif I just clued in that swimming will likely be out of the question for the better part of a few weeks at least after babe arrives. DS was a winter babe, so it was a non-issue.


I've been dreaming about sitting by the lake at the cottage for weeks on end, and never really realized that I probably won't be physically healed from after the birth for anywhere to 4-6 weeks, right?! I LOVE swimming, especially in lakes. Here's hoping for no major tearing and a quick recovery!! Even still, I'd imagine post-partum bleeding will put a major damper on things (no quick dips, it will have to be calculated and plan on changing right after).


Any mamas of summer-babes have any light to shed on this situation, or is this concern WAY pre-mature since I don't yet know what kind of after-math I'll be dealing with?





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the last baby i was ready for sex, swimming, etc by 4 weeks. and then started bleeding again at 7 weeks for 2 weeks. i had no tearing or anything. 


the one before that was the same except i had "skid  marks" is what the doc called them. however for those 4 weeks i bled heavy with the last week being the mucus type stuff. no way would i have gone swimming before that was done. 


my first i had an episiotomy. equivalent to a bad tear. i wouldnt have gone near a pool for the first 8 weeks. 

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I've always been told to wait until the lochia stops or slows, but that might be because tampons aren't advised during postpartum bleeding.  

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I plan on waiting until the bulk of the bleeding stops and everything looks healed.    Hopefully no more than 4 weeks.

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Oh yeah never thought of that, crappy :( I was so looking forward to swimming. Oh well should get to swim for the second half of the summer, and her in Ontario outdoor pools and lakes are not really warm enough (for me anyway) till mid July :)


Anyone know about how long you have to wait to swim after a c-section? 

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Well ... crap. Never thought about that, either. Sigh. 

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For a cesarean it must be a lot longer. Pool chemicals could irritate things and lake water is full of happy little microbes and bacteria.
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I know this is an old post, but has anyone asked their midwife or doctor about swimming postpartum?  I'm a month pp tomorrow, and still spotting occasionally throughout the day but we were planning on going to a lake this weekend.  I'm tempted to just go for it, but I feel like my midwife is going to say it's a bad idea :)

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nak - i was told i can swim 2 days after the bleeding stops. i had stitches, not sure if that changes anything. not sure if others have gotten different advice.

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I dunno, but we're heading up to the cottage this weekend and know I'll be super-tempted!....I mean, how much water actually gets IN to your vagina??


My MW said to wait until bleeding stops (and DS overheard her spiel, so he's consistently reminding me that I'm "open" and not able to swim).


Question: what makes this postpartum bleeding more meaningful than a regular period?? Is the cervix not "open" a bit then too?? ...or when we ovulate.

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i don't understand either. i mostly stopped bleeding, but still have some light colored discharge, so i'm not sure if that still counts as bleeding either. i haven't even been able to take a bath yet :(

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Originally Posted by eirual View Post

Question: what makes this postpartum bleeding more meaningful than a regular period?? Is the cervix not "open" a bit then too?? ...or when we ovulate.

Two things... 1) A lot of people use tampons when swimming on their period which are a no-no with PP bleeding.  and 2) the bleeding PP has to do with a healing wound where the placenta came off the uterus, which in theory makes it more prone to infection.



I ended up asking my midwife yesterday and she said the conservative answer would be to wait until I'm done bleeding, but that she seriously doubts it would be a problem. 

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Oh! thanks for that - it's not as frustrating when i understand :)

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