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Originally Posted by dakipode View Post


LOL! I think that's how my DH feels, but I think the idea of a "love child" is just as unrealistic as the white picket fence and 2.5 kids...

I like your tactic of saying you're on a break and then just happen to be in the mood the day it matters. I might try that if we don't succeed this month. I've got a while to go though, still waiting to O.

Part of me wants to throw it back at him and say: Yes, now you know how I felt all those years when you were in the mood and I wasn't but I BD'd with you anyway because I love you... That won't help though and it sure wouldn't go over well. ;-)


I'm glad to read this actually, i wondered if other people would see this as deceitful!  I can see though, there's a lot of things about HIS body/ways that i find very appealing in the moment but that having a conversation about immediately beforehand would NOT be sending me wild!  So i can get that a discussion on the appearance of my cervical fluid is maybe not the most inflaming thing, however much he enjoys the sensations of the reality of it during the act!


Originally Posted by firsttimettc View Post



GoBecGo......Thanks for your insight!  Did you test yet?  Or is it still super early for you?  Now that you say my DH may be feeling devalued, I think that's exactly it.  He's made comments about it before that I'm using him for his sperm.  It's just crazy because over the past 5 years of marriage, we had a lot of regular non-baby making sex.  It just seems he needs to get over himself and accept that we need to have sex to make a baby.  ughh.  but you're right, I should change my tactics a little and especially not tire him out before my Odate. I think I'll use my OPK more than I previously did, I never thought they would be reliable, since they are the cheap internet kinds, but this month they were spot on.  We have preseed and I only used it once with the applicator....perhaps this next cycle I'll use all the way!!


I'm now 3DPO and FF put up the crosshairs and all that today.  I really hope this is the month! I don't think I can take another month of BFN's.  But I have a feeling we didn't do enough.  


They're funny creatures aren't they, these men of ours?!  I do think to a large extent baby-making sex increases OH's ardour, but only within the strict boundaries of "it might happen if we do it because we're unprotected!" and not including "let's DTD every day to make sure it happens!".  I did NOT test yet, but i am seriously considering it for tomorrow.  I'll be 9DPO, but then i did O at 8am on Oday (as per my distinct ovulation pang) so my FMU will reflect a full 216 hours since O, rather than 193 (which it would be if i'd O'd at 11pm on Oday).  Can you tell i've been overthinking this!? LMAO!


I have had mild cramps 2 days in a row, i'm tired, my nipples are tender when DD2 nurses, i'm thirsty all. the. time and i have a TON of cervical fluid on the go.  So it's all looking pretty positive really.  Also i felt really warm this morning (rare for me because i'm hypothyroid so though i'm well medicated, i'm still always the cooler end of normal**) and when i took my temp (not BBT, just normal temp at 9am when i'd gotten up, had a shower, dried my hair and was about to make us all pancakes and bacon) and it was 37.4.  It's an aural (ear) thermometer, and up to 37.5C is "normal" with it, but MY normal is 36.9C, up to 37.1C if i've been running about.  So that's pretty warm for me!


**funny story but when i was undx hypothyroid i was trying to use BBT for NFP and i went out and solemnly bought the paper chart and BBT thermometer pack from the pharmacy, got home and found not even my AF temps were ON THE CHART, i was so cold!  My chart went from 35C to 37C and i was never out of the 34's!  Unfortunately i didn't twig and go to the GP!  Unbelievably i was still ovulating back then, despite that (oopsie DD1).

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Ok, i tested.


It's in my avatar and also in my photo album twice (once with arrows! the last hope of the lineless i always think, LMAO!).


Fell free to check them out and tell me what you think :D

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Originally Posted by GoBecGo View Post

Ok, i tested.


It's in my avatar and also in my photo album twice (once with arrows! the last hope of the lineless i always think, LMAO!).


Fell free to check them out and tell me what you think :D



I can barely make out a faint line -- so congrats! thumb.gif


So are you 9 DPO today (was reading a previous post)? I'm 10 DPO today and really want to test. Didn't get the bfp with ds until 13 DPO, so part of me thinks I'm nuts. But, I feel like I've had a lot of sign (tender nipples, huge fatigue, dizziness while exercising, etc). I'll probably just do it to satisfy the urge knowing it means nothing at this point. 


Are you going to test again over the next few days to confirm?? I think it looks good for you. What great way to start the week.

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And now my cycle is 15 days long, and what looks like another 7-8 day lp. That's 5 cycles with 7-8 day lps. Maybe I need to face my infertility?


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Maydaymom10 - Thanks!  I am cautiously optimistic.  I am testing probably every day now until AF comes or it gets definitive! LOL!  I am 9DPO today, so this is a 9DPO test.  I am shocked, as i've only every had fairly faint at 13DPO +ve's, and usually not strong positives until i'm several weeks pregnant (5-7).  But having lost 4 i'm trying hard not to get too excited, it's too early to guess what might happen next.



Stevi- i'm so sorry, have you seen a Dr?  I know LP problems can be helped with some medications, but not sure if you've already investigated that?  Perhaps an endocrinologist could help too?  I know hyperthyroidism can cause short cycles with short LP's in some ladies, maybe you have some kind of imbalance going on that they'd be able to treat?  Anyway hugs to you.


AFM- OH really doesn't see the line, but has been laughing at me all day because i'm nauseous, exhausted, thirsty, peeing lots and generally what he has come to recognise as my pregnant self.  Time will tell, but i bought more tests today (just the cheapie kinds) so i'm excited to take more tomorrow morning.  Suddenly one's FMU begins to be more exciting! LOL!  Also for MONTHS i have been thinking i might get twins, they run in my family and breastfeeding an older child increases the chance of them, so maybe a faint line at 9DPO is an indication of that?  Not sure, will have to wait and see anyway, but i am excited.


Baby-wishes to everyone, i can't wait to see which of us end up with a BFP for a January baby.

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I've had my thyroid checked a couple of times, both with good results. As for seeing a doctor, my insurance won't cover any sort of fertility testing, and I cannot afford to pay out of pocket.


This seems to have started after taking a regimine of Soy Isoflavones at rather large doses. Maybe I knocked something out of whack? I'm seriously considering doing it again in a month or so to see if it will knock thiongs back where they belong! But, if I'm going to do that I want it to be when I know I can get donors as well, since it would be silly to waste a possibly good ovulation. LOL Yeah, I know, this sounds kind of idiotic. Sigh


Think Fertile Thoughts!!!

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Hi ladies,

I know there will be a new thread soon but I just wanted to say hi.

I check in here every day and even though I haven't said much lately, I still read everything you guys write. I'm still waiting on AF then we are going to start Clomid. I hope everyone has a great week, bfps for everyone!

I'm going to post the same thing in the new thread.
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Stevi - hope you get things sorted out soon. I've heard that soy can sometimes affect estrogen in the body - I know that's why it's recommended for menopausal women - but I have no idea what it could do to a cycle. Maybe it's just your system getting "sorted out" and prepared. With your awesome weight loss (congrats, btw), I'm sure your body is just settling into it's new state. Regardless, I'm sending you happy fertile vibes goodvibes.gif


AFM - so I broke down yesterday & tested = BFN. Seeing it was only DPO 10, I wasn't too worried. Out of my own curiosity, I tested again this morning with FMU and... it looked like a VERY faint line orngbiggrin.gif  I'm not chalking it up to a bfp yet, but I am optimistic. I didn't even bother posting a pic, because it was that faint. Needless to say, I'm headed over to the $$ store to pick up some more tests to feed my obsession. I'll keep you posted.

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GOBECGO and MAYDAYMOM10.................congrats on your BFP!!! PLEASE spread that baby dust to us....I'm pretty low today, analyzing my non-existant symptoms hoping for something that shows I am pregnant.  I really don't think I am.  I'm so happy at least some of us are getting the BFP! or at least the faint ones....haha.  

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dust.gif to everyone!


I tested again!  They're in my avatar, 10dpo and pos.gif  Even poor colourblind OH can see them!


I am exhausted and SICK today, and peeing loads, in fact i'm worrying about it being twins because with my previous pregnancies i have never been sick before 5.5 weeks and never tested +ve before 13dpo!

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GoBecGo: For what it's worth, I'm pregnant with one and tested + at 9 DPO and M/S started the next day--lasted until about 2 weeks ago. Congratulations! Hoping you get just what you want, whether that's twins or a single baby!

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stevi: I'm sorry for your past few trick cycles. It's not over til it's over though, and it sounds like it's not yet over! Keep your chin up! I hope your donors work out this cycle.


AFM: I've been lurking, just never really posting anything. I tried a couple of times but my computer decided that it wasn't a fan of the forum and refused to let me submit anything. I got sick of the struggle and gave up. I guess it's finally working again!


Welcome to all of the new members! As others have said, I hope your stay is short!


Quick update: We have our gender scan in about 2 1/2 weeks (20 weeks). Can't wait! Kind of hoping it's a girl, but I won't be disappointed if it's a boy. Got to see the little one do a somersualt on an ER ultrasound last week (precautionary check up after slipping and falling REALLY hard in my garage). All is well with the babe and looking forward to having a pic to post in a few weeks if anyone's interested.


Hoping for more BFPs! lurk.gif

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Yay!!!!!! GoBecGo and Mayday

*chants* more pics more pics more pics
Firsttimettc - dust.gif
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Waiting to O is not as agonizing as 2WW but it is testing my patience none the less. I just looked up the calendar and figured if we catch the egg this cycle I might be having a Valentine's day baby... Let's hope so!

Good luck this week everyone!

And I agree with FreedEm11: more pics needed of BFPs, GoBecGo and maydaymom10!!! Show us what we're working towards!

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Please move me to Waiting to Know! :)

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