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Overdue testing....

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Feeling kinda down today :-(  I'm now 41 weeks 3 days and still no signs of labor (besides a few BHs in the evenings).  I have to go to work this am which I'm dreading because I've been getting the "you're still here?" for weeks!  I also have an appointment this morning where I will have my first NST with my midwife due to being in my 41st week.  Anyone have an words of advice for me?  I feel like I'm never gonna go into labor! 

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i just want to offer my support. i know that it must feel like forever- but your not really "over due" until after 42 weeks= regardless of what others might think! your baby is still growing, healthy and strong- have faith. 



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I am 41 + 2 today. I had an NST last week Friday. I had to have one with another pregnancy. You get to relax, sit in bed, while they monitor you for any possible contracting and baby's heartbeat and movement. If baby does well, it will probably take around 30 minutes.


I know exactly how you feel. I too wonder if I'll go into labor. That thought of course is in jest because this baby has to come out right? Hang in there. Igore the annoying questions. I  know that it's a bit different for my DH but every day he gets the same thing when he gets to work. Luckily I can avoid certain phone callers if I want at home :)



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I'm doing a UP/UC so unless I feel that there is something wrong, I'll just be monitoring baby with my fetoscope every other day(I'm 40w5d today) and monitoring movement. That's about it. I've gone 10 days over with my first and I know that when this little one is ready, he or she will come:) It's just hard to be patient.
Big hugs to you ~~~ xo
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Thanks everyone for your support and words of encouragement.  I ended up being induced- see Gracen Annabel's birth story for the details :-)

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