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Stammering 6yo

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My 6yo has a stammer.  It is not a traditional stutter, at the beginning of words, but seems to be more of a place holder at the end of words.  For instance, she will say " Mom, can we go to... to that place...ace... ace.. that place I like...ike..I like...ike.. called.... Cosmic Adventures!."  This happens quite frequently, and is appreciably worsened when she is anxious, tired, or trying to get across a complicated thought.  Her teacher has commented on it, saying that it is quite pronounced and she is concerned about it being a target of teasing. 

So far, we've taken a wait and see approach.  It cetainly doesn't seem to be affecting her interest in talking at all, and I've mostly assumed she'd out grow it.  At 6 tho, she doesn't seem to be getting better, and I'm wondering if this is just a habit now.   We've given her space to think out her thoughts, and encouraged her to take a breath and think through what she's trying to say.  Sometimes if we know the word she's looking for, we might supply it after a second or two of letting her have a chance to get it.  She is in french immersion, so her language skills might be challenged by learning 2 languages altho she excels at school.

What should my next steps be?  Continue to let it go or time to make a move?

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My 10 yo does that. I think he is just repeating a sound while he processes what to say next. A place holder, like you say. It isn't all the time and I've never worried about it. Another kid might just say "um" instead.

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My 4 yo does this off and on. I think it can be normal, but get it checked out if you are worried.

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You could consult with a speech-language pathologist, and also a therapist for help with the anxiety. Just because an issue doesn't necessarily scream "fix me now" doesn't mean there isn't something that can be done to help at this stage. I'm a fan of evaluate first make treatment decisions later, than waiting to see if it becomes an issue that can't be ignored.

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