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Siblings at ultrasounds?

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I have my anatomy scan in a couple of weeks and was interested in bringing DS 4 yrs along to see "his baby."  Did anyone else do this or plan on doing this with their ultrasounds?  

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We are planning to bring our almost 3 year old. At my US for my daughter, they brought me in while my husband waited and did all the measurements and stuff, then they called him in, turned the screen so we could see the baby. I'm assuming it will work the same way this time, so it shouldn't be too long for DD to sit and wait and I know she'll get a huge thrill about seeing the baby.

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While we did not bring our DDs with us last time, we did have the u/s burned to DVD. That is how we revealed that DS was a boy--by having them watch the DVD. I figure we will do the same this time, minus the reveal since we are hoping for a surprise. 

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We brought our DD to ours last week.  She is 3 years 2 months.  She did awesome.  Sat on DH's lap for most of it and then DH had to leave for an appointment and she just hung out while the rest of the measurements were done.  She was so proud to get her own ultrasound picture and introduce people to her brother :)

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We brought both kids (5yo and 3.5yo) to the ultrasound yesterday and I'm glad DH was there. The US took quite a while, about 30/40 minutes and we had two more appointmnts before that one so DD was tired and DS was hungry and restless. DH took them back home before I even got out of the office. They did look at the screen a bit and I'm glad I brought them, so they feel more included. We also had the Ultrasound burned on DVD (10 bucks) so we can watch it again. I already watched it lol...just to confirm if maybe the technician didn't miss a little wiener after all.

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my girls and granddaughter were at my 3D ultrasound. My son had a part in the school play and was not there but will be at the next one. 

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We haven't faced this issue yet ourselves but I can say that I remember my mom taking my brother and I along with her to find out the sex of "my" baby. I was about 8 and he was 10 so we were a bit older though.


Actually, what I remember most was telling the technician he might be wrong and that my brother could still be a girl, we would just have to wait and see - he was right though and my brother is now 19 years old but it was definitely a memorable experience for me. So if you do take the along, they might be building life long memories. 

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Mine is next week. DD will be in school, and DS will probably be with us. I am hoping that he sits through it ok.
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We go to a MFM for our ultrasound (no medical reason, but he is well-recommended by the area MWs) and they specifically said no children at appointments.  I'm fine with that because DS is only 2 and DH and I would really like to focus on the information they have to provide us.  I'm sure he'd be excited but don't know he'd really get much out of it.

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I called to ask about this when I had mine because I thought my childcare was falling through and they said kids are fine as long as there is another adult there to keep an eye on them. My mom and DH came, and DS ended up hanging out with my dad anyway, but we were all three in there for quite a while as she was doing the measurements and telling us what all the parts were.
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I've been going back and forth on this, but I think I've decided to drop DD off with a friend on the way -- I did that for the dating/viability u/s and so she was only over there about 1/2 an hour. She's not quite two and I just don't think she has any clue what's going on. I'd like DH to be able to experience it fully rather than wrangling her, too -- sitting in a lap when there is new stuff to explore is pretty hard for her to do. Getting a DVD burned sounds good, but they didn't offer it last time, so I'm not sure it's an option where we go (it'll be at the MFM clinic in the hospital).
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I wish I could bring DS!  My practice does not allow children. I'll bring home images for him though - he loved that from my first ultrasound and hopefully these images will be a little more recognizable for him.  When we told family (via Skype) that we were having another baby, DS held up "his" photos to share the news. 

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DD came with us to the 12 week US and will come again tomorrow.  She is very excited to find out if she's going to have a brother or sister (her guess changes every day or so).  They are fine with her being there as long as there is another adult.  DH and my sister are both coming as well, so we are covered (and very excited!!!)

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We've never brought our kids, although we have brought home a DVD if possible. My DD1, 8 years old, is super disappointed we aren't going to bring her. So much so, in fact, that I have a friend from high school who runs a private 3D ultrasound studio, and I might ask her to do a quick one for the kids. We can bring them, but we aren't, for a couple reasons. It's a school day, and a work day for us. So we would have to take them 40 min to the appt., there for a couple hours, 40min back to school, us back to work. The logistics are complicated. But the bigger reason is that I'm very superstitious that if I bring them, something will be wrong, and we will find out with them in the room. This time around, we had pretty significantly elevated first trimester screen results, our chance of having a baby with Down's Syndrome, is doubled. We will have someone there to read it on the spot, and I would rather be able to find out any additional information without DD/DS or the distraction of DD2.
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