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evaporation line??

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I wasn't going to test until 12 DPO, but last night at 9 DPO I caved. I tested with an internet cheapie (wondfro) at around 6pm, it was neg, so I tossed it (between 4-7 mins after peeing on it). Then at 10pm I was flossing, threw my floss in the garbage, and the test caught my eye. It was a faint positive.


I tested again this morning and it was negative.


So last night was an evaporation line, right?? But I've looked at POAS dot com and it looks more like a legit positive than an evap line. I know people have posted about this before, but I'm just wondering still if any of you have experienced this, and if you were indeed pregnant?


 I'm losing my mind over here!!! This 2ww thing is for the birds!! Any personal experience with these "several hours old tests" turning positive is appreciated!

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I think you cant trust it.... it may be a bfp, but it was not in the 5 minute time frame, so test again in a day or two.
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Both times I've been pregnant, I found out via a trashcan test. I wouldn't completely trust it until you get a line within five minutes, though.


fingersx.gif for you!

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Thanks both of you! Calycanth, that's a nice vote of confidence.. it's great to hear personal experiences. Like all of us, I'm getting SO SICK of the whole "trying" nonsense. I've been on/off at this for a YEAR (well, took a six month break after my miscarriage). I'm just ready to be actually pregnant for the first time and become a mom.


The rest of this week is gonna be torture!!! That evaporation line/ "trash can test" as you put it was just a cherry on my crazy sundae (with plenty o' nuts!)

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Just remember that tests can have different sensitivity levels... even from the same batch and box. You can test later today if you can hold your urine a few hours and not drink so much.... you are testing early.... i am doing the same!
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Daurelia, I know exactly how you feel. We tried for about a year and a half total - I had a m/c early on, then no luck for more than a year! TTC gets so old. I hope this is it for you!

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@Calycanth, thank you so much, it's comforting to hear that it finally happened for you. I started spotting this morning which *could* be implantation spotting but more likely it's my period rearing its ugly head :(


I'm wondering if I should get checked out/have hubby check sperm. There have been about 5 cycles of trying without success (although 3 of them were immediately after my MC). I feel like most people around me got pregnant immediately after starting to try.


And I'd like to find a way to "just relax" about this whole process, but I don't know how I could... it's just not my nature. With everything else in my life, I have more control over it-- like I can search for a better job or work harder to go to a better graduate program. It's so hard to begin this hugely important journey in my life and realize I have NO control!!!


Thanks for listening. I'm glad we all have each other on this board... so nice to have the support.

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test again.

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I actually had a test like this today.... smu and had a shadow of a line... a few hours later, light pink line.... i guess time will tell.

Did af pick up?
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