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7wks heartbeat -- 8wks nothing?

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We saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks, then yesterday at 8 wks the doc couldn't find one.  He says I'll miscarry in the next few weeks.  I set up a 9wk appointment in case I haven't miscarried by then and want to check one more time.  Anyone had this experience?  Is it silly to think the 8-wk-no-heartbeat sono might have been a fluke? On the screen there were some cloudy white masses but nothing very defined, so maybe he predicted a miscarriage based on the lack of heartbeat AND lack of anything that looked like a baby, period. 


Anyway, I haven't had many pregnancy symptoms since conception, so it's hard to tell if I "feel" different or not. I just still feel slightly pregnant, but it's my first, so perhaps I'm just feeling like I'm about to miscarry. 


I guess I'm just curious to know if anyone else ever had a false-negative sono after a positive one?

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Guessing that no reply means this is really nothing to be hopeful about. We already told our family that it's over, & I don't want to keep hoping for a miracle if this isn't a common experience. Blessings to the rest of you girls, maybe I'll join you in other future forums!
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I've never had this experience and I don't know anything about it. I never have had prenatal care that early in a pregnancy. I'm hoping for the best for you.

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it is possible, though unlikely, for the doctor to just miss the heartbeat. i hope the best for you, though it is probably a good idea to prepare for a misscarriage. sorry you're going through this.

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So sorry you are dealing with this. I am praying that it was just a mistake. hug2.gif

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Hoping and praying that it was just a fluke! (((Big hugs)))

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Mumma, I am sorry that you are dealing with this...

I truly hope the doc was having an "off" day and that your bub is doing well....

My thoughts are with you


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I too have never had prenatal care that early or early ultrasounds like that.  If it were me I would rather miscarry on my own rather than have them do any procedures, and for sure you should have them double check next week with an ultrasound if they want to do something.

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I am so sorry. I hope for some reason it is a mistake. I am not seeing my midwife until 10 weeks and this is my first so I have no idea about advice.

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So sorry to hear this catstamper. :( I went through two miscarriages myself last year, and neither times the ultrasounds looked promising, doc told me exactly what they told you, that i would miscarry within a week, it didnt look good. I remember being so mad at the doctor for not giving me hope, but now i realize they see many ultrsounds, and they know when things dont look right. Stay strong!

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Sorry to hear about this.

Hopefully you will get anwers at your next ultrasound.

Big hugs.

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