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Potty Regression??

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My almost-3 year old has been potty learning for about a year now. She showed all the signs of being ready (including dry at night! so much so that I would let her sleep in her underwear!) She was doing everything perfectly, rarely any accidents, pee and poo in the toilet, I thought she was set. Then she started regressing a bit, more accidents, and the went back. I've been trying to get her to get back to where she was before (telling me she has to pee, peeing in the toilet, etc.) but NOTHING is working. Nothing major happened when she regressed so I don't think there was any apparent trigger.


Now, she just goes in her training underwear, even at home when she isn't super engaged in anything, just sitting there. Almost like she's just lazy about it? Her pull-ups are loaded in the morning. She verbalizes to me ALL the time that pee pee goes in the potty, not in the underwear. When we go places she'll say "Mommy, this store has a potty too, remember?" so she knows that she's supposed to go there. Nothing changes the fact that she's still pee-ing in her underpants!


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :(

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We've had exactly the same experience!  My daughter will be 3 in August.  Early this March, after about 6 months of being completely poop trained and 90% successful peeing on the potty, she soiled her diaper one morning.  The next day, she soiled her diaper again.  She asked to use the potty a couple of times in the weeks following, but has gradually stopped asking, and even resisting if I suggest she tries.  Lately, she cries when we change her diaper and begs not to use the potty.  Of course, we don't urge or push her if she isn't interested, but it's frustrating that we've seen her be so successful for so long, and suddenly this change. 


We tried rewards the first time around - one sticker for every dry diaper + potty use - but she doesn't care anymore.  She also doesn't care if she wets or soils her training pants.  I put her in diapers all the time now, to spare the furniture.  I'm thinking my next strategy is to put her potty away and wait until she asks for it back...?  I'm really at a loss. 

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I know! I totally feel your pain! I'm going to buy these or something similar because the accidents are all the time now:

http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/flip-trainer-video-and-review/ I don't want to put her back in diapers tho because I don't want to go backwards..  I've gone back to putting her on the potty every hour and that's decreasing the accidents but still hit & miss and she's still not verbal about it. I have no idea what else to do but wait.. *sigh!*

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