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Accidental UC of grandchild #3

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My daughter had her first baby girl at home, attended by DSIL, me, and two midwives. Everything went very smoothly. 


For her second baby, she planned for another home birth with the same midwifery practice. Everything was fine, and at 41+ weeks, she began having some crampy sensations on Saturday afternoon. I kept my cell phone at hand constantly. Because I would be in church from midnight (it was Pascha, our main feast day), DD said she would call by 11:30 if things seemed to be progressing at all. No phone call, so I went ahead to church. 

As I came out the door, my phone vibrated. it was DSIL, who was so agitated I could barely understand him, telling me to get over there. I proceeded to their house, and walked in the door in time to find my DD, sitting on the floor on top of a plastic tarp, holding her 3-seconds old daughter in her arms. The midwives hadn't made it in time, either. 


DSIL was having a mild nervous breakdown, so I dried the baby off, put a towel over them, and kept an eye on any bleeding. The new baby girl started nursing almost immediately. Cord was left alone, as DD had requested. The midwives showed up about two minutes later, in time to catch the afterbirth, and they tended to DD while I stayed with DSIL a few minutes - he really was freaking out. He laughed the next day over his mental collapse, but at the time it wasn't all that funny. Poor guy hadn't expected to be left alone for the big event. 


The calmest member of the family was the new big sister, who had calmly "coached" her mother through the last few contractions, telling her, "It's okay, Mummy. You're doing fine." She remained very matter of fact about the whole thing, and took it upon herself to report the details to every visitor over the next week. 


Baby Juliana weighed 6 lbs 14 oz, and is doing extremely well. smile.gif


ETA: I forgot a nice little detail of the birth. The baby was born with the membranes intact. DD had to tear them open with her hands to get the baby out. She's a very unflappable girl. 

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Awesome! So glad to hear about the happy outcome.  Unassisted births are so amazing to me, thanks for sharing!

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Wow, what a great story. <3

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Wonderful! Congrats to you and your daughter and son-in-law! What a gorgeous name, too!

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