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Scarlet's 3.5 hour hospital birth. (this was so not in the birth plan!!!) funny. ;)

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Scarlet. Born at 8:12 am on April 17th after 3.5 hours of labor. She was 7.1 LB and 20 1/4 inches long.



short birth story:

4:30 am- Dreaming about telling someone "no, this is a real contraction, it goes all the way around my back"

4:40 am- Wake up to a contraction

4:50- Decide I cant sleep because I 'may' have a baby today!

5:00- Try to eat breakfast, nausea stops that quickly.

5:10- Go tell husband, "im getting in the shower baby is coming today".  Pull out contraction counter (I love smartphones) and have 3 uncomfortable  contractions (that radiate from my spine all the way around my belly and down my legs) 3 minutes apart.

5:20- Out of shower after 5 contractions I have to breath thru.

5:22- Call mom and tell her to come over in an hour to get the older kids ready for school, were having a baby today!

5:35- Call her and say "come over now or this baby will be born at home"(and secretly hope it will be) as I'm having very painful contractions 2 minutes apart and can't think strait.

6:00- Grandma gets to the house and I can barely talk to her. Bags are loaded and we get in the car. I also call L+D and tell them we're coming and to 'get the epidural ready now....'

6:15- Get to the hospital and have about 1 minute between contractions while crying and saying "1 minute apart? It's not fair, I JUST figured out I'm in labor?!" walk by the nurses station and tell them "don't worry, I brought you cookies!"

6:16-6:59- Lots of cursing, rocking, moaning, and more cursing.

7:00- All checked in and changed. Get checked and I'm at 3cm. what 3 cm! I swear my insides are splitting in half! IV is in and I beg for drugs..."not until half the iv bag is gone"

7:03- is half the bag gone yet?

7:04- is half the bag gone yet?

7:06- OMG!!!! tell me the freaking bag is empty!!!!

7:07- Anesthesiologist walks in and I say "I swear I think you have a halo"

7:20 First needle in and I tell him to stop because I cant breath sitting like that. Contractions are right on top of each other and I'm sick to my stomach and can't see strait.  I remember thinking "this is way worse than the other 2!"

7:23- Anesthesiologist tells me I need to lay on my back, and first thought was "I'm going to knock you out if you touch me" but luckily he does not, my husband helps me lay down instead. 

7:25- My husband takes a picture, and I give him the thumbs up! oh man....I can do this now.

7:30- Dr Sanders walks in and I finally feel like, "Oh yeah, I get to meet my baby today!"

7:34- Get checked and I'm at 8cm. (note: from a 3 to an 8 in 34 minutes) Water breaks somewhere around here.

7:40 Cracking jokes about "so much for my birth plan... I worked so hard on it!" and "wait, I wanted to play music!" and "Don't tell Shelly I got the drugs"

7:45- GG gets to the hospital while Dr gets ready for delivery and she says "thanks for waiting for me! haha!"

8:10- Pushing. Nurse keeps saying I'm doing great but has me ' try different things' so I can tell I'm messing it up!  Pushing is always the point I wish I hadn't gotten the drugs *sigh*. ce la'vie.

8:12- Scarlet Rosalee is born and I say "wait she's so slippery don"t let me drop her!" she screams the minute she was born, and for about 3 minutes after. Nursed right away, and has loved the boob since then!

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Great story! Can't believe you could delineate the times to the minute! Glad to hear Scarlet made her grand entrance quickly and no one dropped the slippery baby!!  Congrats mama!

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I admire your honesty about taking the epidural.  If I end up having one I know that reading this story will make me feel better about it.  Congratulations, I love the name!
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what a quick birth!  congrats!

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I like how you wrote the birth story. It really was a quick birth. fun to read.

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