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Moving mid-pregnancy, prenatal care question

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Hoping to get some advice here. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. We will be moving cross-country, and I won't be in our new home until I'm 25 weeks along (July 19th). I'm hoping to have a home birth there. DD was born in the hospital with a midwife.


I had two prenatal appointments, one at 4 weeks and one at 8 weeks. Wasn't very impressed with the midwife there, and made an appointment with a different group (was supposed to be tomorrow). The office I went to is one that you can sign up for the state Medicaid for pregnant women program at, but they completely fouled up my paperwork, which I found out yesterday. I can try to apply again, but am feeling really stressed out with all of it. I would basically only be here for two appointments, since I leave this area July 7.

So my question is, what am I missing if I don't go to those appointments? I don't want to have my ultrasound until I'm in the new city, as DP is moving a month and a half before me. Are there things they need to check for before then? I don't have any medical issues. Was on zoloft, but weaned off of it early on. I had 'pre-term labor' with DD (braxton hicks contractions close together, but never dilated at all) starting abt 2 months before my due date, and very mild preeclampsia around 35 weeks.





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There is a window when you can do a structural ultrasound because they fetus can only be X big, which is why it is scheduled around 20w. I don't think you would be able to do it if you wait to find a new care giver after 24w and then need to schedule it.


You might also find a hard time finding a care giver if you have a large gap in prenatal care. I transfered at around 20w from an OB to a midwife group at a hospital and they were very careful to verify that I had been cared for previously. They wouldn't have taken me if I hadn't been in care.


So, you might consider keeping the caregiver you don't like ond or finding someone new local. The gap you are talking about sounds about 1/3 of your pregnancy.

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Hmmm.  I would just call ahead of time and explain your situation.  Tell them you will be "in transit" for that period of time, and won't have good access to care.  Ask them what things they would recommend to someone in your situation.  I found my mw for my last baby when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  We just talked over the phone.  I didn't do any prenatal care until we finished moving around 30 weeks.  She was okay with it, but she is way more laid back than most standard providers.


Also, I had a later anatomy scan with my third, and because she was bigger, they thought she had a heart problem, and it all spiraled out of control.  (She was just fine, btw).  So, you can have them later, but be aware that there is a higher rate of false positives.

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