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An opportunity that might appeal to appropriately qualified visitors and contributors to this site willing to relocate to Adelaide, Australia.

The Job Description mentions "infant mental health" several times, so it appears the Australian health bureaucracy at least, is amenable to the idea that early traumatic experiences (such as circumcision) can affect a child's mental health and development. Accessed: 2012-04-25. Archived by WebCite at


As a Clinical Practice Consultant, you will provide clinical nursing expertise to women with perinatal mental health issues, their children and their families within Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services, the WCHN and the community mental health setting. 
You will also utilise your expert perinatal and infant mental health assessment skills by providing valuable training and education in this field.


If anyone should happen to be successful in landing a job or contract they first saw on these forums, it would be greatly appreciated if they could donate a certain percentage of net income (maybe 5%-10%) to an anti-circumcision organisation/s in the U.S., or perhaps in this instance, Australia (or if you're not confident in donating the money, invest a similar amount in your own anti-circumcision activities).

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