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Agree with cristeen - keep your pants on! Maybe now that babe passed the test doc will stop the induction talk?
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Onemore - They insert the balloon portion of the catheter into your cervix and inflate it with saline. It's supposed to act like the pressure from the baby's head. Personally it sounds too freaking painful for words.



Compared to other induction techniques (Cytotec, pitocin), the foley catheter is downright pleasant.  The drawbacks to it being that you already have to be fingertip dilated in order for it to be used, and it will only dilate you up to a 4 or 5, it won't take you all the way.  One of the big drawbacks though is that like internal monitoring, it's a highway for bacteria, and it's use is just begging for an infection. 


That being said, keep your pants on around that doc, Jen.  He sounds induction happy.  37 weeks is still too early if babe isn't ready.  I believe even ACOG says 38+ weeks. 

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Like I said, it's far more pleasant.  Also more reliable.  If they can get the foley through the cervix, it WILL work (to dilate, not necessarily to start labor), whereas the drug options are only a possibility (they'll cause contractions, but not necessarily dilation).  Foley is usually used as a last resort, not as a first.  When I was induced with DS1, they tried Cytotec first, and then Pit, and the Foley I was finally offered when I started asking about alternatives when the other 2 didn't work. 


Gosh...I mean I believe you but..it sounds awful.

I have never ever heard of it. Only induction techniques I've seen are pit though. Must be the PNW's fave way to induce

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I've heard good things about the foley, especially when used with a cervical ripening thing like... erm.. prepadil? Something like that? Because a lot of the drugs like pitocin won't work if your body isn't looking sort of ready anyway, and with something to help soften and ripe the cervix and a foley to encourage dilation it can trick your body into starting labour or into responding a lot better to the pitocin.


I've never been induced, though, this is just what I've read/heard.


I'd never heard the connection to things like infection, although it makes a lot of sense... I've only heard of it used in a situation where they were definitely, definitely going to follow through with the induction even if it meant a c-section in the end.


Edited to add- AND I wanted to say, I'm so glad the second BPP came back looking good! It's a lot easier to wait when it isn't scary.

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My plan is to NOT be induced. :P

I'm looking at natural induction methods right now, because if he's so insistent that I have this baby at 37 weeks, I'd rather do it naturally.


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