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Home bathtub or rented birth tub?

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Any thoughts on this?  Would a home bathtub be sufficient or is there a huge advantage to having the proper birth tub?

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I found the bathtub to be more than adequate. The shower spray 'firmness' was easy to adjust, the temperature was easy to control because I was squatting in front of the knobs, I could move around under the spray to get it where my lower back needed it, I could shove on the walls no matter if I was standing, sitting, or kneeling, and since the walls of the tub are narrow, I felt like I could brace my knees/legs into them (which made me feel more secure about not tearing, since I was birthing so fast.)


I dunno if an actual birth tub is just as narrow or secure-feeling, but if I have another kid I'm sticking with the standard bathroom plan. Plus, no setup or tear down, nothing to rent/return, nothing to figure out where to fill it - I've read a few moms on here muse about what floor/level of the house to put the birth tub on, in terms of being able to fill it and drain it and not have it crash through the floor. Just my two cents.


Is there a way for moms to be to test out or trial-run a birth tub, to see if it's something they're comfortable in? It seems like a HUGE commitment to make only to find out you feel awkward or uncomfortable in it when it's go-time.

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One really nice feature of the birth tub is it's buoyancy. That floating sensation made labor a lot easier for me. I think the tub is definitely worth shelling out the money, unless you have a way bigger and fancier bathtub than I do. :)

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For me its the idea of having DH in there too if I/We want that.

Also have an inflatable bottom to the birthing pool could come in handy if you are kneeling for a long time.. But i suppose you could just put a towel in the bottom on the bath tub?

I also want one because I am feeling ridiculously drawn to water with this bub inside of me. And it will be nice to have practise runs and "chill outs" in a warm tub.

At the end of the day it really is a personal choice... 

What about the idea of just buying a fishy pool? That would be far more affordable?

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Birth tub. No contest and no question. 

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The buoyancy in the birth pool was a big plus for me, and one I hadn't really thought about beforehand.   Suddenly, I didn't feel heavy and pregnant anymore, and I could move into whatever position I wanted with ease during each contraction.  The inflatable bottom and sides were nice too, I spent a lot of hours in that pool, a lot of them kneeling, and a lot of them resting my  head on the side.  I would not have been comfortable in a regular bathtub for that long. 

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The freedom to move around and change positions is what I need while in labor. I've done a regular bathtub, never again. A birth tub, eh. What I really like is a nice cushy, cheap, fishy pool. 

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LOL - Well boy do I feel like I missed out! If we go for a second LO, I'll check out my birthing pool options. Thanks for making me reconsider  tiphat.gif

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I haven't birthed yet (any day now...) but we are borrowing a birth pool from a friend and I really enjoyed the trial run we did a few weeks ago. It feels much bigger than a bathtub and the soft sides/bottom seem really comfy for all sorts of birthing positions. Of course we don't really have a bathtub in our place so maybe I enjoyed it so much because I've been missing out on baths for the past 6 months!

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How big is your home bathtub?  If it's a big whirlpool bath tub that is deep enough for you to sit in water up to your breasts or chin, and big enough to hold 2 people, then sure, it'd do just fine.  But most of us don't have that for a home bathtub.  In my home bathtub I can barely sit in it when I'm not pg, it's so narrow... and sitting in the bottom of it, I can only get enough water to barely cover my legs.  That's not going to be the slightest bit helpful during labor. 

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I haven't birthed in a tub but I know there was one in BOBB, her tub looked a lot bigger than mine though. I got stuck on my  back in there during a contraction and it was really painful. I think you need a min. of 18" of water to be submerged enough that baby doesn't feel the air and try to take a breath underwater. 

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it probably depends on what your tub is like and what kind of birth pool you would be renting/buying. i had my first home birth in my huge jacuzzi tub at home. LOVED laboring in it.. didnt want to get out of it!  for my second home birth we were in another home and i bought a fishy pool since everyone raved about them.. i hated it. i felt claustrophobic and it was uncomfortable. i hated not having firm support for the walls... i barely used it.. :/

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