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My Dilemma.

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I am pregnant with #3, due in mid-december. First baby was a hospital birth, every intervention imaginable. Horrible memory of birth, just horrible. Second baby was a homebirth with an OB and midwife. It was the most wonderful experience ever. I was so happy to have another hb when I found out I was pregnant, only due to insurance reasons, it is just not possible. I am trying to settle this in my heart, and I am having a lot of trouble accepting that I will be in a hospital for this child's birth. I know I am rambling, and I'm sorry, but my question is, had anyone else been in this situation? Having a hospital birth AFTER a homebirth. I want someone to tell me it's going to be ok!!

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This is my 6th baby and first planned hospital birth. (2 and 3 were transport/transfer). I am 30 weeks and still nervous about it...I like my ob okay but get whoever is on call that day.And baby girl is breech, so that may pose some issues.... don't know what else, just commiserating.

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How about asking your midwife about a payment plan? Personally, I'd take out an advance on my credit cards, ask for family loans, etc before having a hospital birth (assuming no medical reasons of course). There must be options! Ask and ask and ask, don't give up.

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What state are you in...often there are legal possibilities based on the state you're in.  I know my state 'has' to give you the midwife option because of legislation on the books.  Even if they don't have one in their plan they must give you a gap exception.  


I've had four homebirths, and I would pay out of pocket before going to the hospital for birth with a normal, healthy pregnancy!  

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Good news! We got approved for pregnancy medicaid, so most of the HOMEBIRTH is going to be covered! I found a hb mw that is 2 hours away, but is willing to attend the birth, and we will be paying about $1K out of pocket! I just could not settle for having a hospital birth again. I am in NC btw.

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That's great news! I'm so happy for you--enjoy your homebirth!

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