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Achy, loosening joints

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So, I'm 19 weeks today, and recovering from a mild stomach virus. My whole body is achy, but specifically my hips and lower back. Does that sound like the general loosening of joints? Or is this a side effect of the virus?

Also, for the past week or so, when I sleep on my side, my arm and/or leg fall asleep, and they are all tingly when I wake up enough to roll over. Is this a sign I need more exercise to help with my circulation or something more serious?
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I'm not sure about the tingling but my hips have been killing me - much worse that my first pregnancy. I've even had to do some labor pain techniques to get through it a few nights ago and my husband made me take tylenol when he saw me crying but that didn't really help. On Monday I saw a chiropractor (my first time ever - don't know what I'd been waiting for!) and it helped a lot. I've actually been able to sleep.


She also showed me how to stretch my piriformis muscle (there are videos on youtube by chiros as well) and doing that before bed seems to help. I had just started really going with tailor sitting and squatting and she reassured me that it was a great thing to do but make sure I stretch out those muscles too or they can lock up and exxacerbate the pregnancy hip pains I was already having. So I think its pretty normal but not at all pleasant. 

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It hasn't happened yet this pregnancy, but I woke up with my hands and arms tingly or asleep really often when pregnant with my DD. I don't think it's anything to worry about, and I'm not sure you can really do much about it. Using extra pillows to make sure my limbs were supported helped a little, but not much.

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