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Cloth diaper confusion

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Hi - I would really like your views on which cloth diapering system is the best for you.  I'm looking for something that won't leak and will be easy to launder.

Please help - there's so much to choose from !


Many thanks.

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I thought about all the fancy ones, but they just weren't in our budget. I ended up with cotton pre-folds from Green Mountain Diaper. They are in the neighborhood of $25/dozen for the NB size, $30 for bigger ones. We use snappis to hold them.   We have a few different kinds of covers. Turns out Thirsties are our favorite, but I think the covers fit every kid differently.  The diapers are really easy to wash. I try to wash every other day but sometimes get behind. I know it depends on machines, but I never have trouble with staining. They hold up really well, and are easy to wash and dry. Our DD is breastfed so we do the roll the sides thing to create a little channel in there. There are lots of youtube videos on how to fold if you go with pre-folds. Regarding leeks, I think most people experience a few leeks now and then regardless of what you go with. We have not had much trouble with prefolds. Just a couple of leeks in the course of 6 months.


There are so many choice it is overwhelming. Unfortunately I think something that works for one family might not for another. I ended up choosing something that I thought was simple and affordable. I also liked the idea that when we were done, all these diapers weren't just useless. They will make the worlds best cloths, rags etc. I like that they can serve multiple purposes. We use the NB size now for burp and drool rags.

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First, you should know that there is a whole forum dedicated to this issue:http://www.mothering.com/community/f/221/diapering

But I used prefolds and Bummis covers for the first, and then BumGenius one-size pocket diapers for the second. The prefolds might have actually been easier because they're indestructible and easy to clean. But both were great!
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Diaper junction.com and Jillians Drawers both have a diaper trial program, that I wish I had known about before buying my stash. You pay a deposit, minus 10$, try one of several different types and brands, then send them back after 4 weeks, then get your deposit back (around $250). You get to figure out which type you like best. I think Jillian's has a newborn trial package too.

I had leaks in pockets and prefolds before she hit 12lbs, but my pockets are one size. I just take in stride and assume its part of the learning process for me. If I could do the first month again, I would use newborn fitteds (w/covers) vs prefolds.
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I am currently using prefolds with doublers and Dappi covers. I'm converting my excess prefolds into fitteds. This is my favorite system and one I used a lot with my DS. I have used every type of diaper they make (though not every brand), and this is  my favorite. The covers are crazy cheap (I paid 18 for 6 covers brand new on Ebay) and they have gussets. Fitteds are made to hug the leg so between a fitted diaper and the gussets on the cover we have almost no blowouts. The fitteds I like best are Indisposables. They're hard to find but have a nice thick cotton soaker in the middle. Their doublers are great, too. Green Mountain Diapers sells converted prefolds. I would like to try those as well. They're also pretty cheap. 

Let us know when you find something you like!

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I'm using prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers too.  They're really easy to care for (I wash them twice, once on cool and once on hot with Charlie's Soap). 


I decided to go with 100% wool covers because they're breathable and natural.  It turns out they're also very easy to care for and we have had little to no leaks.  I have covers from a few different sources - hand-knitted ones from sellers on Etsy, a super soft Aristocrat one that was really nice and snuggly when she was littler, an Imsy Vimsy one that was fine, a Kissaluvs one that has held up really well and a pair of Disana leggings that are really nice for nightime, especially during the winter. 


I had all those and then someone suggested Loveybums wool covers.  The newborn pullups fit her so well when everything else looked huge on her and they're so easy to get on.  I was sad when she grew out of them.  I bought one of their lightweight wool covers for summer and loved that too.  I have one of the wool jersey ones too which worked fine, but seemed kind of bulky.  If I need anymore covers, they're going to be the pullups kind or the lightweight for summertime.  Hope that helps!     

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We have been cloth diapering since 4 weeks! From the begininng we tried a million different kinds and always stuck with our first love... grovia ai2's. They are a two part system so way less laundry and way more space in the diaper bag!  I have only had one leak ever and that was my own fault (didn't attach tight enough lol). I wrote a review on them in my blog, here is the link... http://livingwithalily.blogspot.com/2011/12/gro-via-ai2-review.html

Even my husband loves them! We just started elimination communication and they work really well for that too! Good luck and if you have any questions let me know! I love talking about fluff hehe

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