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Nevada City/ Grass Valley....Tell me what you know!

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We are currently seriously considering moving to the Nevada City/ Grass Valley area in the next year or so to be closer to my mom (She lives in South Lake Tahoe) so tell me what you know!  I am also interested in Waldorf Schools but cannot pay a ton...

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I don't know a lot other than I knew someone from a LLL meeting moved there probably around 2005. Also, a college friend grew up there, and her parents were hippies (Deadheads), and her mom was into spinning and weaving and such. Her mom would probably be around 64 or so now though, as I'm an older mama. Good luck with the move, I've heard it's beautiful. There are both rednecks and hippies there.

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OOOoooo, all I know is that I am envious, and have always wanted to live in Nevada City. And lots of great musicians live there.

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I haven't spent a ton of time there, but have several midwife friends who live there.  From what I hear it's a really nice, kind of old-school hippy community.  Lots of musicians and artists.  It is small (if that's what you want).  I'm not sure about the Waldorf school options, though Sacramento isn't too far away and has more than one public Waldorf school (but you'd have to live in Sacramento, which I totally recommend, but isn't for everyone!). 

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Hi there! I live in Nevada City! I have (for the most part) since 2004. This town is like my Emerald City. I found it after moving up and down the West Coast for a period of years in my 20's. It is the most wonderful small town I've ever known. There are constantly community activities, music, parades, special days when the town is closed off and there are vendors and food in the streets, there is a free Waldorf based school, tons of great charter schools, the list goes on and on. Mainly I love that people here are kindred spirits. In Nevada City limits especially, people are very kind, have beautiful gardens, respect the natural surroundings and animals, and are in general are a very soothing type of people to be around. I grew up in a much more "redneck", less artistic based small town not too far from here (placerville), and the things people would do and say there often hurt my heart. They made fun of you for being vegetarian and killed squirrels for fun. I would assume that quite naturally kids that are different get bullied more there than here. The community is EXTREMELY open minded here, as they have to be, because there are large populations of hippy-ish communities, nature-loving communities, artists, musicians, craftsmen, and of course quite a few rednecks as well. But they all get along for the most part cause they are used to seeing each other. Here it is very rare to find ignorant people. There is an extremely well-educated community, and many people have Nevada City as their home base and travel to many parts of the world. This influences the open mind of the community in general and is really good for culturally expanded ideas and ways of living. I think this town is the awesomest place ever to raise kids. I don't have any, yet, but I am very newly preggers and super excited! 

I am also a musician, and so is my husband. It is true that there is TONS of music here, for a tiny town! There are also many varieties of classes, restaurants, shops, and nightlife activities (well, not in comparison to san francisco but.....)

I say come visit and if you get the good feeling, come back to stay!


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Missadie thank you so much!  I have been to NV city and was just there in the beginning of April.  You really reinforced how I felt about the it and it is now a for sure thing that we are going to be making this transition by next year if not sooner!! We may end up in Grass Valley as financially/housing wise it seems more doable but I am super excited.  Since you are pregnant (congrats!) and I'm sure have been researching can you tell me more about the birthing community??  I see options for hospital or home births but no birth centers?  I have doula training and would love to get back into it once we relocate.

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Hi Ladies! I live in Nevada County too! I moved up here two years ago from Santa Cruz and really love it. My husband was born on the Ridge. There's a birthing community here that is building and really awesome. I'm a doula and started Wise Womb Collective, right now we are just a facebook presence with most of the birth workers in the area on there. Its a place we share events, referrals, and information. Find us on facebook and i'll add you. Wisewomb works with B.E.P.E, birth and early parenting educators, and CAM California Association of Midwives and we have a bi-monthly movie event in Grass Valley at Body Balance. We have one coming up in November and are meeting to decide the date tomorrow. I'm also newly pregnant, all though I'm guessing MissSadie is pretty far along by now. It would be fun to see you ladies irl

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we have a beautiful ap based parenting group locally, with lots of events (story time at library, nature walks, etc) and lovely community ~ with mamas from all over the county and their amazing perspectives, histories, feedback and support for each other. i feel really blessed to have built friendships with lovely mamas in this group, and all are welcome!




if you have any more questions, feel free to pm me :)

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