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Help, Help me with this challenge

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My family has chosen to take the Live Below the Line challenge. We are a family of 6, so our 5 day budget will be $45. I have am a homeschooling mom as well, so this is a great educational experience. I have started couponing and looking for the best deals at the grocery store. If you have any ideas on meal planning for 5 day on a budget of $45, please help me out.  I have 4 kids ranging from 3-10. I will need to have kid friendly meals. I make a lot of my own food, so cooking is not an issue. 


Also, if you are up for the challenge, join our family and take the challenge. We could start a thread and support each other for the 5 days. This could also help those trying to cut their grocery bill.

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I frequently have 5 kids at my house to feed, mine and a friend's, & I jokingly call rice & bean bowls/bean tostadas/cheese and bean nachos the "loaves and fishes" meal - you can seriously feed a crowd with a package of tostadas and a couple of cans of beans (even cheaper from dried) plus a few simple condiments like homemade salsa (use canned tomatoes if fresh are too expensive), lettuce, etc. These are obviously kids who will eat beans. If you have a Mexican store nearby - bonus. There are many inexpensive Mexican meals that can be made for a larger group. Things like limes and tortillas are under a dollar there, dried beans and spices are cheap, etc.


The cheapest snack I make regularly is air-popped popcorn. We do put butter on it, though.


Good luck with the challenge!

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Homemade bread with PB&J (open faced), sliced carrots or apple for a side.  We do cheese toast for lunch sometimes ... toast some bread, add some shredded cheese and put under the broiler for a few minutes to make it a bit crispy (top with some mustard or horseradish for extra kick) and a side of tomato soup (usually heated veggie juice with some added basil).  Melt some shredded cheese on a tortilla, add some spices and beans, roll up and eat. 

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Im SO in with you! How have I never heard of this before? We were doing really well with groceries and then I started slipping and buying more then what we need and a lot of "treats" and have been feeling a physical and spiritual drain b-c of it

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Another good one to temporarily get back on track and use up pantry items is




I did this for a week and only spent $25 plus pantry items. It worked fine & I don't have a large pantry at all.

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