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Christians & scripture during labor

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I'm looking for stories of women who have used scripture during labor for pain relief.  I'm not talking about just having scripture written on notecards, instead listening to scripture on tape religiously (no pun intended) and practicing relaxing to it on cue during pregnancy, to help you relax during contractions in labor.  Has anyone found this effective?  I'm looking for an alternative to hypnobabies tapes.  YES I know this is not the same thing as self-hypnosis, I'm just looking for a similar technique using scripture.  Thanks!

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That is a really awesome idea. I haven't ever thought of doing such a thing, but I see no reason why it couldn't work.

I enjoy hypnobabies, but I pray every time I start  my meditation. :)

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I haven't given birth yet, but the husband plans to read some Scripture to me during labor... likely Psalms. We're doing The Bradley Method though and just incorporated it into our relaxation techniques. 

Good luck, mama. :)

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I'm Catholic, so my approach is probably a bit different, but I plan to pray the Rosary while in labor. It is a very meditative exercise. I bet you could do the same thing in your own denominational way but just praying the Our Father and maybe a few other scripture quotes in a specific order. I do not plan to actually read the Bible during labor. No way could I sit still!!! And I can't listen to anything on my iPod either b/c I can't stand anything touching me. So it has to be memorized.

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thanks ladies!  

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One of the most beautiful births I have attended as a midwife involved this.  The husband would repeat a certain prayer (I cannot remember it now) into his wife's ear during each contraction.  It was incredibly moving and gave her great comfort. 

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My cousins all use prayer during labor to help maintain a peaceful environment. Although they often say jokingly that it is about "crowd control" (they have a lot of kids) rather than about pain or aid to the laboring woman. It gives people something to do.


For what it is worth, Hypnobabies discusses at length how to modify scripts to you own key words so you could probably combine the too. There are also a lot of imaging techniques that could be modified with a religous element.

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