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Originally Posted by meemee View Post


btw about the 'on' time. since dd was 5 or 6 i have asked for my time at night. let me tell you when dd finally took off with reading, i now have to bug her for together time. otherwise she has a nose in her book. many times our down time is together both reading next to each other. 


i think when ur older one starts reading, and enjoys it, it might ease things up a bit. 


I've had this thought as well.  Good to hear that is something I can really look forward to.


Does anyone else ease up on bedtimes or do away with them in the summer?  As a homeschooling mom maybe I'm thinking about this earlier than my schooling counterparts are.  When this cold, rainy spell goes away (grrr) it is already beautiful late into the evening.



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Originally Posted by Lucy Alden View Post

Oh, and my oldest is 9 and just now at a place where she seems to be able to self-regulate when she goes to bed. She often reads in her bed or listens to music or stories between bedtime and when she is actually tired. I really think its an age thing.


I wanted to clarify what I mean by self-regulate. She is required to be in bed by 8 in the fall and 9 in the summer BUT we don't require that she go to sleep. As long as she is in bed, quiet and only has a dim light on she can stay up as late as she wants. Usually this translates into being awake for an additional half hour to hour. If I know she's really tired I will suggest she turn her light off and listen to music/story so she'll fall asleep sooner. But she's a pretty compliant kid and I've never gotten kick back on this.

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My kids are 7 and 10. During the week, when they have to be up for school at a certain time, their bedtime is about 8:30. On the weekend we often tell them they can stay up late as long as they can be pleasant to each other. Bickering with each other or whining about each other means they're tired and it's time for bed. Sometimes their weekend bedtime is 9PM, sometimes it's 10:30. I don't believe kids are always capable of associating grumpiness one day to staying up too late the night before. If they do make that connection, then they have to be able to remember it at the pertinent time, and make a good decision with the impaired judgement that tiredness brings. It's a lot to ask of a kid.

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I can also confirm the reading thing.  My younger dd, who cannot read yet, needs a bedtime with a routine and stories and snuggles, and she needs it at a relatively consistent time (and so do we, because she gets up at the same time each morning no matter what we do).  My older dd, who loves to read, likes to climb into her bunk bed at the end of the day and relax with a book.  

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